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Oyster Card

So for two people, do we both need oyster cards or can I just double up on the money we load it with? I highly doubt we'd be going anywhere separately.
Also how much do you recommend to put on the card for 5 days in London?

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No. Each person must have a valid ticket to travel so each must have an Oystercard.
Start with 15 pounds and just add if need be. You may find yourself walking alot

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Children under the age of 11 travel free, with an adult that has a valued Oyster Card.

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If you have a contactless credit card you may be able to use it directly.

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There will be a 5 GBP fee for getting the Oyster card. However, when you are done using it, you can return it, get your 5 GBP back as well as any extra money on the card.

If you are running low on funds on the card, just go to any ticket machine and add what you want. Most take cash or credit cards.

The good thing about an Oyster card over direct payment or individual tickets is the daily cap on spending.

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You can purchase an Oyster Card when you arrive at the underground station. The number of rides, zones you use will depend on how much to put on the card. I usually start with 40pds and when I run out I add more at the station as it's easy to do. You use the card to swipe in at each station when you enter and leave as you can't get through the barrier without doing so and that is why you both need one as once your in the next swipe the card will be looking for is getting out. Remember that the card is not good for trains, Express train from Heathrow. Go on the tube website and you will see the zones, what you can use an Oyster Card for etc.

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All great advice. I thought I read I could use the Oyster card on the train from Gatwick airport?

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"All great advice. I thought I read I could use the Oyster card on the train from Gatwick airport?"

Yes, you can now.