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Oxford hotel/B&B - close to train station

I'm considering using Oxford as a location base for visits to Basildon Park, Waddesdon Manor, and Hughenden on Sun 03 Sep - Wed 06 Sep.
I found B&Bs at some of the colleges (Keble 58 GBP, St Hugh's 57 GBP, Christ Church 79 GBP).
I'll have no car thus I want a shorter (rather than longer) walking distance from the hotel/B&B to the train station as I would be going out on multiple days.
Any comments on these listed college B&Bs? Other suggestions?
I'll already have seen Oxford from 26 Aug - 28 Aug during a 9-day tour of England. Blenheim Palace is included in the tour so these other sites to visit are of interest to me.

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Is there a special event (like start of university term?) going on in Oxford on those dates? It seems as if hotel availability is low.

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St Hugh's is quite a long way from central Oxford. Christ Church is rather grand and Keble more modest. I have no experience of the accommodation at any of these, but if it's anything like what I experienced at St John's, Cambridge, or Trinity College, Dublin, a few years back, staying in a college room has a rather special feel, even though the breakfast may be somewhat cafeteria style.

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We stayed at the Premiere Inn near the mall and it was a short walk to the train station

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Oxford is quite compact, and there is excellent bus service around town and to the train station if the walk turns out to be a bit far.

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We stayed at Christ Church and loved it. The rooms in the old part of the college were full, so we were across the street in modern accommodations at St Aldate's, but we had breakfast in the grand dining hall every morning – quite an experience. We also were allowed to wander into the garden and the cathedral, even when they were closed to non-residents (I think the garden is never open to non-residents), so we were able to sit quietly and listen to organ and choir rehearsals, and didn't have to stand in line for evensong.

We were treated with courtesy by all the porters and custodians (which aren't janitors; the custodians at the colleges seem to keep an eye on the grounds and the people, and keep things running properly); whereas a German man we met at breakfast said the staff at the college he actually has a degree from (can't remember which) were very snooty to him as an overnight guest. YMMV but I have nothing but praise for the staff members at Ch Ch.

I've been in a dorm room at Keble (to ring a quarter peal on handbells ... long story, haha) and it was modern and quite nice, with a mini-kitchen.