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Overnight tours to Cotswolds?

Tentatively planning next years trip. We are trying to decide between 3 weeks in UK/Ireland/Scotland or 3 in France. We would rent a car in France, but hubby is pretty adamant about not driving in England et al (I think watching my sister drive over there was enough to scare him I think there are areas that aren't really 'accessible' with public transport, where a car is generally recommended - thinking the Cotswolds area. We aren't really bus tour people, but would think about joining maybe a two or three night tour of that area. (I rem when looking at tours in San Fran that Viator offered overnight tours to Wine Country).

So, I'm just wondering if anyone has any experience with any tours (or knowledge of) offered that have overnights (or 2-3 nights) to that area of England? overnight overkill? I see day trips to the area offered from London...

(No offense to RS tours, but I'm not dropping $4000 each + airfare on a tour - we like to mostly do it ourselves...)

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I am going to make a suggestion not quite exactly along the lines you are saying, but as something to consider. I don't take coach tours myself around this area as I live nearby, but I have heard good words from people that have gone with Absolute Touring - This is a small scale operation run by a few local people as a kind of 'post retirement' business. They do small group and private tours over Oxfordshire/Warwickshire/Cotswolds. They are one day tours, but maybe two of them would cover your interests (of course a bespoke tour would but they are a bit pricey). Base yourself in Oxford for 2-3 days and you could do the more nearby attractions too. Just a thought.

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That's looks more like what I was thinking (but didn't articulate quite as well). When we were in Amalfi, we used Sorrento silver star tours and did a private tour for the day. Pricey, but, well worth it (so I guess it wasn't that pricey after all!). And Oxford is def on our visit list, so spending a few nights there and doing day trips is just the thing...I will for sure bookmark that and peruse it...thanks Marco!