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Overnight itinerary in Bath

Can anyone help to design an itinerary for our approximately 24 hours we will have in Bath in late August? We're arriving late morning via train from London, and then departing the following day on a 4 pm flight from Bristol to Edinburgh (assuming no issues with Easy Jet). We have our 2 younger daughters, age 9 and 14, so one thought is after lunch to walk around and visit the Gregorian area of town. Are there any must see sights top not miss? For the evening, I was thinking to hit the spa near the Roman Bath site with the thermal water pool on the roof. For the morning, I was thinking of a visit to the Roman Bath and perhaps another part of town. Please advise any other ideas or can't miss sites. Please also advise if any pre booking will be required by then, which will be August 30-31, a Monday into a Tuesday. Thanks in advance for your help!

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We spent three nights in Bath and did that city as well as a day trip to Wells and Glastonbury.
Stayed at the Brooks Guesthouse, I highly recommend it.

Also, The Scallop Shell has the best fish and chips in England.

We did the center of the town where the Roman Baths are located as well as the ancient Abbey. Don't miss The Pulteney Bridge, The Crescent (north of city center), The Fashion Center and The Circus.

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Try Bath's online visitor information, you can probably download a map and a listing of things to see.
We picked up a walking tour guide at the station on our arrival (back in 2016). Or you could locate tourist info office and pickup a map and info. from them.

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I did Bath on a long day trip from London in April--my main point was to visit the wonderful Persephone Books, but I thoroughly enjoyed exploring this unique town. I started with the Roman Baths--advance timed ticket was required, so you will need to check their website for tickets. I spent a couple of hours there, then wandered and checked out some shops before having a great lunch at the Coeur de Lion pub, then over to the Pulteney bridge area before heading north to the Crescent and Circus to see the beautifully preserved Georgian homes. One of the homes is a museum that I enjoyed--I was curious about what the row houses looked like inside. There's a lovely park to explore, and then of course I spent a good hour in the bookstore. I was not interested in the Jane Austen center and never did find the Fashion Museum but I do expect to return. For me it was a leisurely day out of London, and though the bus is easy to catch from the train station I covered this all on foot.

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When we were there in 2017, there was a free city-sponsored walking tour that met in front of the Roman Baths a couple of times a day. I think we at least saw everything we needed on that tour, including the familiar crescent of Georgian buildings. The abbey is right there by the Baths. You dont have much time for more than a cursory look.

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@Christa, the Fashion Museum is in the Assembly Rooms building. The girls might he interested in that. I enjoy going to #1 Royal Crescent which is the townhouse museum. Definitely visit the Roman Baths..they have a children's tour audio guide which they can listen to.

I’d not think you have a huge amount of time on your departure day. It’s been years since I’ve flown Easy Jet but they are strict on check in times, I think.

I’ve not been to Bath since Covid so not sure what needs booking ahead.

You’ll also need to monitor the status of any train strikes during your time frame.

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The kids (especially the younger one) might enjoy the series of playgrounds in Victoria Park. I think there is also a miniature golf in the park as well.

The Roman Baths museum would also be a good fit for kids. Their exhibits have a good amount of hands on opportunities to keep kids entertained and learning stuff.

There is also a children's theater in town (The Egg, I think??) that could be worth seeing if they'll have anything showing while you're in town, and if not they have a kids friendly cafe open even when shows aren't playing. (Did 3 days in Bath with my then 3 1/2 year old nephew so familiar with some of the kid friendly stuff).

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Just wanted to note that the Thermae Bath Spa is 16 and older.
From their website:
Children & Young People

In the New Royal Bath, children under 16 are not permitted. In the stand-alone Cross Bath, children of 12 are permitted when accompanied by an adult or guardian on a 1:1 ratio. We regret that we do not offer spa treatments to young people under 18. Proof of age required.

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Dear sshackelford,

Thanks for pointing that out; I had no idea, and obviously our girls would have been very disappointed upon arrival to the Thermae Spa. We can no plan accordingly, thanks to you.


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I haven't taken a walking tour in Bath, but I have enjoyed such tours in other places. I prefer tours offered by the tourist office so I have some certainty of being given accurate info.

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Your daughters might enjoy tea at the Pump Room. It is a lovely setting and was done well. We also enjoyed seeing Bath Abbey and of course the tour of the Roman Baths. Just walking around and seeing the Pulteney Bridge and Royal Crescent area was great.