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Old £1 Coins Expire October 15

FYI to anyone travelling to England soon - the old (round vs 12-sided) £1 coins are no longer legal tender after October 15. While travelling in London last week, a bank teller said I needed to spend it before this date, exchange old coins at the bank for new ones, or donate to charity. I had no idea (didn't see any ads/notices regarding this around town) and was often given change in the form of old £1 coins from shops, restaurants, and museums. Keep an eye out if anyone tries giving these to you after the 15th - I wonder if places may try to give these to unsuspecting tourists (like myself) who don't know.

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I got a lot of the old ones in August and September, too. I hope whoever owns the little map-vending boxes at a lot of small train stations has managed to get them updated. They were not yet taking the new £1 coins during my visit.

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I arrive tomorrow and have 3 of these. Am I going to have to go to a bank? Or can I quickly spend them?

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Carol, you can spend them, when you pay for things check to see if you get any back, also spend all your old teners (£10.00 notes) you won’t want to take any old teners home, they will go out of circulation spring 2018.

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Our London Walks guide mentioned this just this morning. I had vaguely heard something about new pound coins, but definitely was not aware about the old ones going out of circulation so soon. Thanks for the notice!

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I got an old one as change this morning but I plan to turn it quickly!

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At least with the old £5 and £10 notes, you can exchange them at the Bank of England for the new ones. They will always retain their value.

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Leaving on the 18th. I will be sure to check our change after each transaction.

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Okay, I know I have read this somewhere here before, but we aren't going back to England until next March. Does anyone have a link on whether or not we can exchange our coins or 5/10 notes at that time, or will it be too late?

Thank you!!!

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Here is the info from Bank of England about exchanging old notes. (They don't do coins, that's the Royal Mint.) I have 21 "old" GBP, 16 as round coins and one fiver note. We'll be in England next spring, just for part of a day, and we expect to drop them in an Oxfam or some other charity box, most likely in an airport. I understand that they can be deposited in any UK bank account, so whatever charity gets them should be able to use them. I'll also try to exchange or spend a few tenners then, which shouldn't be as hard as they'll still be in circulation.

Generally it's good advice to bring home some currency if you expect to return. The caveat is not to wait too long to return!

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Aquamarinesteph, you'll always be able to exchange the paper notes for the new ones, even 10 years from now. However, once the transition period is over, you must do it at the Bank of England in London. It's website explains how to do it. The transition for the £5 notes has ended and the £10 note is in the transition period now.

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I saw on Sky News (they're Live on You Tube for free, from England) that many vending machines still accept the old ones, the transition may take a long time for those kinds of things. I was looking for mine so I could mail them to my nieces there in England :) since I won't be getting there any time before January....
I may still bring mine in case they make some vending machines work...

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There have been stories circulating the last couple of days that small businesses will ignore the 15th date and keep taking the old round pounds as will vending machines.

Don't count on it. Don't take one in change. Don't try to spend one (saves embarrassment).

If you have a pocket full, try dropping into a bank in the first few weeks. They may help.

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Or drop them in the donation box at a museum.

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Shops etc, will not accept will not accept the old fivers. Banks will trade you for new ones. Dump your pound coins as soon as you can...and the 20pound notes are going out in 2020.

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Just returned from London. If you have the round £1 coins after 15 October, go to a bank to exchange them for the 12 sided coins. Also:

Thousands of shops will keep accepting old £1 coins after they cease to become legal tender

In perhaps a response, thousands of stores will still accept the round
coin even after the 15 October deadline.

Thousands of shops will ignore the Royal Mint’s deadline to stop
accepting old £1 coins, despite warnings that it could create chaos.

A trade association representing 170,000 small shops has advised its
members to continue taking the round £1 coins, which cease to be legal
tender on Sunday, to provide a “useful community service” to

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A characteristically British response to a difficult situation. Serve the customers first -- what a concept! I hope I can still spend some of my old cash next spring.

Thanks, kindly shops that take round pounds!
Your goodwill grows by leaps and bounds,
And gives me even greater grounds
To shop with you.

I hope I can still spend some of my old cash next spring.

I doubt they'll be so generous a full six months (or more, in the case of five pound notes) after the money has changed.

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I was just there in May and was given old and new coins as change. I had no idea... I'll be back in a month and will be seriously put out if I can't spend my 10 pounds in old coins!

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I was just there in May and was given old and new coins as change. I
had no idea... I'll be back in a month and will be seriously put out
if I can't spend my 10 pounds in old coins!

Given what was said above, the round £1 coin will probably not be accepted as payment next month but you can go to local bank when you arrive and exchange them for current currency.

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Dang, another souvenir. ;)

I've got a box of change from the 1980s...

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Some shops are still taking advantage of foreigners. Stopped to buy water at a Starbucks in the Underground yesterday and the clerk gave me two old round pound coins. I called her attention to it (she knew what she did!) and a co-worker dug into her pocket to give me new coins. Watch your change! I dislike going to Sbux (and never for coffee) but they were the only option near the start of our day's adventure. Arrggghhhh!

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I wouldn't say this palming off is particularly aimed at foreigners. Someone tried to give me an old £5 note a few weeks back. With coins it can be worse if concealed amongst other change. Got a Jersey 10p last week, which doesn't particularly bother me really.