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Now what? Transit LHR from France to US

Can one of our England folks help sort out the new regulations on return from France? We are NOT disembarking in the UK but will be airside transiting through LHR. On the way over we transit LHR for Switzerland and have all the things we need to do sorted (antigen test for UK transit, CDC and California vaccine certificates, PLFs for both UK and Switzerland) and on the return which is CDG-LHR-LAX we will obviously be getting an antigen test in France to get us back to the US. Assume that will work for transit through the UK? Or will it??? Thanks.

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In the same boat and trying to determine if I need to see about changing my flight home from CDG to avoid LHR. :(

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We’re stuck unless we want to buy tickets to avoid LHR because these flights are all on BA miles and you can’t get back and forth to Europe without a LHR transit on BA if going from the US. So if push comes to shove we will buy tickets back.

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Those of us from the U.K. don’t transit here, so never need to look at those provisions!

The website is where to look for up to date information. Currently, you need a negative Covid test taken within 3 days of your departure from France and you need to complete a passenger locator form. This can of course change at any time.

France has been singled out by the U.K. for different treatment to everywhere else, so if the spat between Boris and Macron intensifies, who knows what the outcome will be.

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so if the spat between Boris and Macron intensifies, who knows what the outcome will be.

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she's right, you know. We don't transit at Heathrow.

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When is your trip? If it is not for awhile, don't worry about what you need today. It seems the rules change every week or so.

However, you may want to monitor this Heathrow website:

You could also get in touch with BA's Executive Club for information. You could also ask to be transferred to a partner airline out of CDG like American. (It happens all the time.)

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Yes, sorry you folks don’t transit. We leave in 5 weeks, return 9 weeks from now so you’re right, will need to just figure it out as we go along. Things could be different then. Whatever agent you get at BA translates into a different answer. The LHR website only marginally better. Will just bookmark the UK gov website and maybe have to figure out while on the road. Flexibility being the operative word for travel these days. Thanks.

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According to the Heathrow website FAQ’s, if you are transiting airside (not going through immigration), all you need is a filled-out passenger Locator form and proof of a negative covid test taken within 3 days before departure.

And of course you still need whatever it is the US requires for entry.

Note that to transit airside, you need your boarding pass for onward travel (for your US-bound flight). Then you just follow the purple “flight connections” signs from your arrival area to your departure gate, passing through security on the way.