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No more masks in England

As of today, the government requirement to wear masks in certain situations will be eliminated. While shops can make their own rules, mask wearing in England is now a personal choice.

Rail operators say they will encourage riders to wear masks but not enforce it. London Mayor Sadiq Khan said mask wearing would still be required on London public transit and "encourages" people to wear one. (Meaning, they can't enforce it)

Covid passes will also not be necessary anywhere in England, but business owners can require them if they prefer to have it.

As of my writing this, no word on whether or not Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland will follow along.

BBC News - Covid: Face mask rules and Covid passes end in England

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Hi, Frank's post here is helpful in informing others about changes that may affect their travels or even their choice to travel. Beyond that, the ensuing posts were almost entirely not about travel. I've culled them all and I'm locking this thread to preserve what Frank shared.