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need to book ahead late May Cotswolds?

Anyone help us with a decision? My husband and I will be traveling by car through the Cotswolds a week before the 30th Bank holiday in May. Do you recommend we book lodging at a B and B now? Our preference (so we aren't tied to a schedule) would be to book a place our first day after doing some exploring.

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I'm in the camp that doesn't see a lot of benefit to showing up in a town and looking around for somewhere to stay. I'm usually tired and, even with a car, I wouldn't find it fun to be pulling up at place after place, looking for something that fit the bill. I do A LOT of lodging research before I pick one. It's easy to research dozens of places from the comfort of my living room and I end up with a place I really like at a price I am comfortable.

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I know there are a lot of people who will disagree, but there is no need to book ahead. We have been there in late May, June and July and lots of other months, and have never had trouble getting a room. We drive and sight see, when we decide we want to stop for the day we start looking for B&B signs. People on here always say that everything gets booked up, but there are hundreds of B&B's that do not advertise, and depend on their B&B sign. When you see a sign stop and ask if they have a room available, most of them will let you see the room before you agree to take it. One summer June and July we had four people and still never booked ahead and never had trouble finding a room.

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Thanks for responses! We'll be in Europe a month, and I've researched and booked ahead the places we'll be spending time -- everywhere except the Cotswolds. Thanks, Robin, for encouraging us in the direction of trusting there'll be a place calling our name!

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Hi Robin Z,
We will be in the Cotswolds in July and were wondering about just winging it. You have given me some confidence in doing just that! One question though - how did you find the rates just arriving at a B&B? How were the rates in July? Sometimes we get a better rate booking in advance. Thank you!