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Need a USB or battery operated mini fan recommendation

The summer is coming. I want to buy a mini fan for my son that he can experience a cool journey. Need your recommendations and help. Thank you so much.

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I got one of these, based on a few recommends on another posting about travel fans. I got mine at the local drug store, though they do sell them on Amazon (it was cheaper at the drug store).

Haven't used it yet, but it seems to have decent power - USB or battery. I figure even if it's just blowing across my head or chest, it'll be enough to keep me cool. We are travelling to Provence in July, and one place has no AC. I didn't want to spend a lot, or get something really cumbersome for only 3 nights. It folds up to a fairly compact size.

Here's a link to the other posting...

(Edit - not sure if you want a fan he can carry in a day bag, or one to just set up on a night stand in the evenings...)

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Thank you so much for your recommendations. I want a portable mini fan that I can carry in my bag. My son ages one and a half. We love to go outing and have a picnic with him. The hot summer is coming. I would like to buy a windy fan for him when we enjoy a happy time where there is no air conditioning. And if there are fans that can be fixed on his pram, it would be better.

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We traveled with my two-years-old daughter to Bangkok, Thailand last summer. It is about 95℉,sunny and windless. We went out everyday to visit famous attractions. No air conditioner outdoors. Fortunately, I bought a mini fan on Amazon before we went to Bangkok and brought with it. And I clip it on my daughter's pram. It is cool and durable. It can be operated by battery or usb connecting with power bank. My daughter loves the fan so much. And this summer, we plan to have a vocation in LA. I will take with it, the travel necessity for my girl.

I think this pram fan is very suitable for you, and I do really recommend it.
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