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Hi all:
Simple question, I've been trying the website for several weeks now, ( I have tried different computers and web browsers) without any luck. I can use the journey planner, but the rest of the website doesn't seem to work. Has anyone else experienced this? Is anyone in England having any luck with the website?


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I've just been on 2 parts of the site and it worked fine for me.

Try using a different browser. If you use Chrome try Firefox.

If you use Internet Explorer try Chrome.

Clear your cookies.

Clear your cache.

Try again.

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It's working fine for us here too. I found it to work okay on Internet Explorer, Firefox and Google Chrome. Hopefully one of the tricks above will work out, it's a great site for booking tickets ahead of time.

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Strange it doesn't work for me, I've tried everything in the past, different computers/devices/browsers/internet connections, resetting cache, etc...and nothing.

Thanks again for looking into it!