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My London hotel has shut down

I spend a great deal of time in London and usually at the same hotel. It is a small, boutique hotel part of a chain of five. Numerous people on this board have stayed there. (Resident Kensington formerly known as the Nadler Kensington.)

I was supposed to stay there on a trip next month that I had to cancel. I got word today that the entire chain has shut down until at least April 30 and perhaps into late June.

This hits home. I know everyone who works there. I know their names, where they are from, and a little about them. Some have been there for years (housekeepers). Most are from other parts of Europe and are trying to earn a living. I feel bad because this has go to be devistating to them financially.

As soon as it is safe to go back, I will. I may stay longer at the hotel just to do my part in getting them back on their feet.

This is important for those of us who love to travel. When it is safe, continue your travels. Every hotel, restaurant, shop will need your business.

Hi Frank II.
Yes, getting back to normal as quickly as possible is best for everyone in so many ways.
I think our government and all of us are learning some important lessons here about how to manage a disease like this. Corona virus is going to change the USA, disease-wise, here forward in the same way 9/11 NYC changed us, security-wise.
I have lived in Florida for several decades now. The Florida State Government and all of us Floridians have evolved in Hurricane management. We have it down nearly to a science.
This is what's going to happen with corona virus/disease management. Right now, it's messy because I have never experienced anything like this in USA before.

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Before international travel resumes, there will be lots of domestic travellers who can’t travel abroad who will fill the gap in hotels, restaurants etc.

The U.K. government is going to bankrupt the country with the provisions they are making to pay the wages of employees and waving businesses taxes etc.

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That’s a great place. I remember when it first opened and was called Base2Stay.

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I first stayed there when it was Base2Stay. It is a lovely hotel in a great location. I’ve recommended it many times.

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Our London hotel just emailed us that they cancelled our reservation for April 27. Any pinhole of hope has just closed. Will have to schedule as soon as things are back to normal.

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I have stayed at the Nadler Kensington twice and loved it. The staff are great!

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My RS tour has not cancelled yet but sure it will in a few weeks. But our tour hotel in Canterbury emailed me too.... cancelling our pre-one day before tour starts.

Was looking forward to this tour

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I unfortunately was to travel with my family and parents to London this summer and stay at the Resident Victoria. Coming from America, we must cancel our European travel plans due to current circumstances and every hotel has been accommodating with our cancellations except the Resident Victoria. If I go back I most certainly will NOT stay with them, as their customer service during these unique times is less than humane.

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Duplicate post above by an individual who does not understand “nonrefundable”. Nothing wrong with the hotel, they are following the rules (contract).

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teamsorenson........from what I have been told Resident Hotels plan to be open by the summer. If they are open, and travel to the UK is allowed, then it is your choice not to travel. And yes, they are strict about non-refundable.

However, if for some reason the hotel cannot open or tourists are still not allowed to enter the UK, the hotel will refund your money. You are asking for a refund of a non-refundable product three months ahead of time. Of course they won't give you a refund now.

I had to cancel two reservations at the Resident Kensington--a week in April and a week in June. I sent an email and they canceled without a problem. Of course, I had refundable rates.

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Frank- thank you for taking the time to “explain”! Sadly my patience with nonrefundable should not apply to me has run a bit short.