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Mountain Goat Tour in September?

Hello Forum Folks!
Has anyone here used Mountain Goat Tours out of York and was it a positive/negative experience?
My husband and I are considering taking their Whitby tour from York in early September and were
wondering if this is the best way to see Whitby and surroundings (not renting a car). Any info is appreciated!
Thank you.

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I can't specifically speak for this tour.
However being from the Lake District, which is where Mountain Goat were exclusively based until Covid (and is still their homeland) their reputation is impeccable. They are now just over 50 years old.
They are at least the equivalent of Rabbies in Scotland, if not higher.
Looking at the itinerary it simply wouldn't be possible to cover it on public transit.
With a car, factor in the cost of the day's rental, the gas/petrol cost and the parking charges, I think it would cost you more to do it by rental car than to do the tour, and you wouldn't gain half as much knowledge.
I would have no hesitation at all in saying, go for it. This is totally the best way to do that itinerary.

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Having read the itinerary, another vote for it!

Pickering is well worth a stop and do go and look at the medieval wall paintings in the church. Have a look at the station and see if there is a steam train in. Russels 20 Market Place is a very good bakers - go here to stcok up for lunch (can recommend the staerk pie and the double chocolate slice). They also have a cafe if you are ready for elevenses. There is also a ruined castle here too.

It's a lovely run over teh moors from Pickering to Goathland and in early September the heather should still be in bloom.

Goathland is a pleasant place for a wander and again check the Noth York Moors railway timetable to see if there is a steam train in Goathland.

Helmsley is another nice market town to wander round with its stream and if time allows, the castle is worth a visit.

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I've never heard a single bad word about Mountain Goat tours.

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I did 2 Mountain Goat day tours in 1987 and I'm delighted to know that they are still operating. Both were terrific and a highlight of my first trip to England.

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I took a Mountain Goat tour a few years ago in the Lake District. I must have had a bad driver/guide as he was as dull as a rock. I found at the end he was a tour bus driver and never had to give commentary. It was obvious as he gave very little.

Nowhere near as good as any of the Rabies tours I've taken.

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To be honest Frank, that's not a very helpful answer- not only was it several years ago it was also Lake District, not York. Rabbies do't run tours from York, so that isn't a viable alternative suggestion.

I think you must have been unlucky as I've only ever seen good reports of Mountain Goat.

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I just took this exact tour a week and a half ago and loved it!!! The only negative for me was it got to Whitby in the afternoon. I would have preferred to be there early am without the crowds. The area around the abbey was not crowded and great views. The rest of the tour was fabulous too.

I’m in the middle of writing my trip report and should have it posted in a day or two.

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Mountain Goat Tours sounds like a winner! Thank you all again for the feedback.
I love this Forum...