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More London underground

Read that buying at station is cheaper than overline?

I will be in London for about 4 days. So...oyster card, one day travel pass or 7 day travelpass?

Best tube to Paddington Station to catch my train to Bath?

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No need to order in advance (you at least pay postage, which adds to cost). Which on depends on you and your circumstances. if it is just you- get an Oyster card at a Tube station, and load either a one day or 7 day travel card and some Pay-as-you-go (Paygo) cash OR just some PAYGO. Oyster will calculate the cheapest rate for you each day. If there are at least 2 of you, and you want to take advantage of the 2-for-1 deals, then you need to purchase a PAPER travel card from a NATIONAL RAIL STATION. If you decide the 7 day card is best (4 days is about the break even point for savings via that card), you will also need a passport sized (not passport quality) photo for the free ID card they make that goes with it. This website may help you with understanding the 2-4-1 deals [][1]

As for which tube line- it depends on where you are coming from. This website may help [][2]

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A 7-day travel card basically costs the same as four 1-day travel cards, so I generally consider it the more convenient purchase. If you get the 2-zone version for 31.40 pounds, the airport ticket office can add the extra cost of the airport connection (from zone 6) at the same time.

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I'm arriving at London Southend Airport. Will there be a ticket office there where I can get a 7-day travelpass, plus $$ for the extra transit from the airport?