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Missing Maps in Ebook

I purchased the just released RS Pocket London ebook. In the description of traveling on the Tube, it suggests that you can get your bearings “by studying a map of the system such as the one in this book’s foldout map”. Is there any way to view or purchase a digital copy of these maps which are not included in the ebook?


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And if they are still printed (they existed last year), look for a pocket sized tube map on the manned or unmanned counter at the tube station.

I carry a pocket size map each London visit. Have relied on them for years. I look at it in the evening and plan my route(s) for the next day.

Print is small so these days my 99 cent store reading glasses help! :-)

EDIT: I do check TFL….have for years….merely saying I like the ease of glancing at the pocket sized tube map when I don’t have internet.

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You are always better looking at the TFL (Transport for London) app or site for the map - as it is updated quite a lot and inevitably goes out of date anywhere else (even on apps) quickly.