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Mercato Metropolitano

Anyone been to the Mercato Metropolitano near the Elephant & Castle? It looks like a little slice of food heaven; however, I don't have anything else in particular to do in that area, so I'm wondering if it's worth a little detour for lunch or dinner. (I know the Imperial War Museum is close, but I visited it just a few years ago and, although I really enjoyed it, I don't feel the need to go again so soon.)

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I had not heard about this one, and it's now on my list to check out... but there are many similar 'street food popups' in London. They are generally good, doing some really nice and different food. Prices vary and they certainly aren't a budget choice, but for a foodie, cost isn't really the biggest consideration.

Other 'street food' markets that spring to mind are Borough Market, Spitalfields and Brick Lane, Maltby Street Market, Box Park Shoreditch and Croyden, Flat Iron Square near Bankside, there is also one in Hoxton, Vauxhall, South Bank by the National Theatre, King's Road, Camden... and many more.

My personal fav is Brick Lane at the weekend.

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I too have never heard of it. I know Elephant & Castle is being redeveloped and goodness knows, it needed it. I was last there 2 years ago and it's not a part of London I would wish to return to in a hurry.

There are plenty of good eateries in London such as Camden Market and Borough Market.

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The Elephant is nowhere I head to voluntarily. It will now be all redesigned so that it will be more "cycle friendly". The only thing worse than all the couriers cutting you up, riding on the pavements and running red lights - and then blaming the motorist - are these infernal pseudo cycle motorways. The Elephant is getting one of them too.

I've never heard of the place you mention. If you do go, look very carefully before crossing, and look around all the way across. Or use the subway (not for me).

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Thanks for all the great suggestions!

Emma, I love standing in front of stuff and muttering, "Phht! I could do that!" :D