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May in London - help me keep my feet dry

We will be in London in May and hoped to travel light, but I will probably have a sturdy and a lighter pair of shoes. What are your best solutions for avoiding the discomfort of wet shoes? Any shoe cover options you would recommend, or is the rain usually light and not that big an issue for feet? We will be doing a lot of walking and want the comfort of our walking shoes, so...
Any advice is appreciated.

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I wouldn't worry about heavy rain in May. Just make sure you have shoes with waterproof soles and avoid deep puddles. Wear a light raincoat that you can fold small and carry a foldup umbrella. You can find lots of places to spend a day indoors in London. A lot of the museums are free. If you use the Underground...a lot of the stations are right under or near where you want to go. Go to some theatre matinees! There is some great Shopping! Look at the National Trust UK site for other places to visit in Greater London.

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No matter where we're going or what time of year, we always spray our shoes (also jackets, backpacks, umbrellas, etc.) with waterproof shoe spray. This has saved our bacon on more than one occasion. On one memorable trip (Sicily) we even had to go in search of more waterproof spray: try describing that in Italian!

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If all else fails and your shoes get wet, stuff them with newspaper ( you can usually find a free one pretty easily). They dry faster that way.

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The rain in London in May is rarely that heavy, and even when it is, doesn't tend to last too long. I think you'll be ok. Walking is by far the best way to see London, and if the heavens open, you're very likely to be within dashing distance of some indoor activity to keep you occupied until it passes, even if that's only a coffee shop.

I've noticed recently that the 'weather app' on my iPhone is right, almost to the minute (ok, maybe the hour) this would at least give you a heads up when planning your walk, if you have a similar phone.

A brollie (umbrella) may be all you'll need.

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You will be unlucky if it rains so hard in London in May that your shoes haven't dried naturally within the hour or by the following morning. May is often better weather than June (but not last year). Now if you are going to Scotland, you may need to make more provision for wet shoes.

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You asked for specifics. I wear and adore Keen shoes. I take two pair. They are light weight and comfortable. I swear by the brand. As I tend to walk a great deal in cities I'm visiting I like good support and prefer lace ups so I take the Targhee and Presido shoes. There are many styles to choose from though so definitely get what suits your taste. Free shipping.

Yes, they are expensive but my well worn ones will be returning for their 5th visit to London this year. Coupled with Smart Wool socks my "dawgs" are forever grateful for the comfort as I continue to explore the nooks and crannies of London.

As an aside in May of 2012 we had one day of rain that lasted till mid day. It was heavy but the Presidio's kept my feet dry. I had treated them with a waterproof spray.

Have a wonderful time in London. May is a great time to visit.

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Hi whitehair,

I'd have to agree with the other, you should be fine for London in May, but if you're still worried about this, try going for rain boots - they seem to have made quite a comeback fashion-wise, they're pretty comfortable and they should keep you dry.
Good luck!

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Rain boots... or Wellies (Wellington Boots) are indeed back in fashion at the moment, in London anyway. Not through necessity I might add. My wife recently bought a pair of Carlo Pazolini ones, and assures me they were an essential purchase (they're not!). But she likes them so that's all that matters :o)