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Map tech tips

Just returned from two weeks in London, Devon and the Cotswolds! A successful journey, thanks to Rick and his team's guidance. Wanted to share some of our own tips:

  1. Our car rental agency had an option for in-car wifi- about $11 US per day. This allowed both of us unlimited internet access in remote areas, without using international data roaming. Great for real-time Google maps navigation, Skype, email, etc.
  2. As Rick mentions, you can download areas for offline access in Google maps. However, we discovered you can enable Google Maps to download point-to-point directions as well, for uninterrupted navigation in the few areas where the in-car wifi can't reach service.
  3. If you purchase the detailed Ordnance Survey Maps of rural areas as Rick suggests, there is a code printed on the map that allows you to download a digital copy to your smartphone. Even without data and wifi, if you have location enabled, the app will show your position right on the OS map- great for making your way to remote stone circles!


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If you click the 3 little bars at the top left on Google Maps and then select ‘TRAFFIC’ from the side menu, you can then see colors on the maps with red indicating where traffic jams are occurring - live. Click this link and you should see it already enabled. If you then put your home area in the search box, you can then zoom down on your region and should also see where traffic is slowing down. (You might wish to bookmark it. Then, every time you click on it, you have live traffic flows).,-1.6990108,9z/data=!5m1!1e1