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Manchester United questions

My husband & I are spending a few days in Manchester and luckily the dates lined up with the match on April 27 against Burnley. We are coming from the U.S. and I'm already aware that this will be a much bigger deal than the "soccer" matches we go to in Philadelphia:) but I still could use some suggestions. Don't laugh but have some specific wardrobe questions. Packing space will be at a minimum, and need to just bring things that I will re-wear, and so don't want to have Manchester United gear for other places we are traveling. So going with just wearing something red and a team hat maybe but depending on the weather may need a coat??? My husband already has team stuff bc he is the bigger fan. Have no idea what to expect at the end of April. If it's chilly/rainy my coat is blue - which is a bit close to Burnley's colors. How much do things like outerwear matter? I tried to look into things and was getting overwhelmed by home/away kits and colors, etc.

More importantly, we will be taking the tram from Piccadilly. Any particular bars/pubs to try to go to once we get in the area of the stadium? And in order to be able to get in and actually get food and drinks, what time should we realistically get there for a 3:00 match?

Also please feel free to add any other suggestions/advice - thank you!

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I had expected the Old Trafford neighbourhood would be shoulder-to-terrace with pubs fuelling the thirsty fans. Wrong stereotype. I could find only one pub in the vicinity for lunch. Pleasant, but with no scenic view. The map in this link may help youtravel the route from the tram stop since there is also a shortage of signs pointing towards the stadium. Be prepared for a compact but significant museum and a giant souvenir shop. The available tour was rewarding but perhaps not on game days.,-2.2945938,17z?entry=ttu

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Clothes wise near enough anything won't raise eyebrows bar a man city or Liverpool kit.
Getting your hands on tickets however ,that will be a challenge across the entire premier league its about a 98 percent plus sell out across the season.
I would aim to be at the ground 2.15 or so .
No idea about the pubs ,my loyalities lie over the Pennines with the Owls

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First things first. At the moment there is no guarantee that the game will take place ar 3pm on 27/4. Games for live TV have not yet been selected. Were this game to be selected for coverage it could be moved to any time between Friday evening to Monday evening. Now this game will probably not be a high priority but it will remain a possibility until the schedules are released. I’m guessing they will be announced in the next 2/3 weeks.

The second issue is tickets. Have you got them? It is extremely difficult to get hold of standard tickets for these games, particularly two together, unless you have already arranged it through a US supporter club. There should be some options for hospitality packages. These will come at steep prices and should be booked asap directly from the club. Do not rely on any secondary ticketing sites, as reselling such tickets is illegal in the U.K, unless it comes through an official Manchester United source, which is unlikely as far as I know.

Unless you choose a hospitality package which will mean you get fed ahead of the game, I would stay in the city centre and seek our pubs there. The ground is on the edge of what used to be Europe’s largest industrial estate and is not a place bestowed with pubs. I guess as it’s a special trip for you you might want to be in the ground earlier than I would but I wouldn’t want to be in there more than 30 minutes before kickoff.

Wear what you like as long as it’s not obviously a rival team’s kit. As far as weather is concerned the end of April it could be similar to today, 5 degrees this evening or it might be a balmy 20 degrees and definitely no coat needed. We can only tell you the weather for sure on 28th.

Bear in mind that the tram stop called Old Trafford is at the older cricket ground and about 10-15 minutes walk from the football ground. There are other stops just as near.

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I really appreciate all of.the info - thanks.

I honestly didn't even think about the whole date/time changing. We aren't visiting particularly for this reason at this time but were happy it seemed to work out. I'm hoping we have tickets hahaha. We have looked into it for a while and since we didn't become members and I don't want to spend about $1k on a hospitality package we decided to risk it and go with I know all that is recommended and strictly guaranteed is through the club but again it seemed like no chance of that happening. I do know others who have had good luck with buying tickets this way, and the majority of the reviews seemed positive, so just hoping for the best.

It's also helpful to know it's probably better to stay in the city center for longer. Again thank you all.

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The pubs and restaurants close to the stadium are geared up for selling booze on match day, meals take a back seat. The Matchstick Man pub close by has a match day menu which is a lot less on it that a non match day.
Best to eat in the city centre or The Quays shopping centre at Salford, then tram to the stadium or walk from the latter.

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Hope it goes ok for you.
The Premier League list that seller as unauthorized and use extreme caution.
Man Utd have a huge problem with people reselling seats and theres talk of a crackdown.
I hate touts.