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Manchester to London

Hi All,

We are hiring a car and driving from Manchester to London and was wondering if there are some not to be missed sights or some off the track fun stuff to do with my family. We will be driving in first week of December. Thank you in advance


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The list is almost endless but much of it depends on how far you want to deviate from your route and for how long and also what your interests are. I could spend weeks visiting places on my way from Manchester to London.

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27407 posts suggests two possible routes that diverge after you pass Birmingham. Depending on whether you take the easterly or westerly route, you will be driving very near Coventry and Bletchley Park (WWII codebreakers, but this site really deserves a lot of time) or Stratford-upon-Avon (which I haven't seen but I gather is very touristy), the Cotswolds and Oxford. Those are just a few possibilities. A car is very nice to have in the Cotswolds, because it opens up the villages that are difficult to reach by public transportation. That area could consume all the extra time you have.

I can't speak to what things will be like in December. If you happen to hit miserable weather, Oxford might be a good possibility. There are at least two very interesting museums there, the Ashmolean and the Pitt-Rivers.

There are many, many other possibilities. If you're traveling with children, it would be useful to know their ages.