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Updated/Solved: Manchester Airport Hotel - with a twist

Hello Everyone,

I've searched and read previous posts around good options for a hotel at the Manchester Airport. I'm still seeking some additional guidance based on the following:

  • My husband has a 0715 flight out from MAN on Saturday morning.
  • He will arrive to Manchester Friday and will have a rental car through National - when to return depends on the next item and your answers.
  • He will be traveling for work and travels with three large boxes ranging in weight from 50-70 pounds each. This in addition to his carry on luggage.

So my questions are:

  • Has anyone used National Car Rental at MAN and, if so, how was the return process for you? It looks like returning at 0400 Saturday morning would be after hours versus turning in during business hours on Friday.
  • Based on the twist of traveling with the three large boxes, any thoughts on the easiest/most convenient hotel option?
  • Typically, moving the boxes around the hotel or the airport isn't a big deal, he stacks them on the hotel cart or the airport luggage trolley and he's good to go. Any insights from those of you with MAN experience of navigation suggestions or challenges he may experience?

My husband has been traveling internationally through COVID and we've become very good at navigating the paperwork and entry requirements but neither of us has been to Manchester before so I'm hoping to help him have as smooth an experience as possible. (I can't even look at his SkyMiles account anymore because he's racking up all these miles that I can't use!)

Edit: My husband received an email from his customer with confirmed hotel reservations for his time in Hull as well as his Friday night in Manchester. They’ve booked him at the Crown Plaza at MAN. That takes care of that!

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We stayed at the Radisson Blu Manchester Airport Hotel which is attached to the airport. We returned the rental car the night before our flight home.

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Thank you, Mary.

Any additional insights from others on returning at National or logistics involving moving the boxes between hotel and airport would be much appreciated.

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How far ahead of flight time can he check the boxes with the airline?

Is it possible to check the boxes the evening before, (using a cart from the airport garage), and then turn the car in before National closes for the night and stay at the airport hotel Mary mentioned?

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Another suggestion would be to contact the Radisson Blu and ask if they can spare a hotel porter to get your husband to the ticket counter in the morning. Be sure to tip that porter really well. My other suggestion would be to turn in the car the night before at the rental agency, check in to the hotel room and then go to the airport terminal and get a cart and bring it back to the hotel room for the morning. I feel for your husband as my husband used to travel for work with those extra boxes sometimes internationally. We are glad those days are over.

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Hi Mary, yes, we think alike! I have sent an email to the hotel to ask about options - thank you.

Joe, we will check on the idea of checking the boxes in advance. When he travels internationally with this equipment, there's an extra step at the airport in which he must have the equipment verified and have a carnet signed. This is basically attesting that the equipment that he says he's bringing in is the same as what's in the box and then again when exiting that he's bringing the same equipment home. Usually those offices are not 24/7 so guessing won't be open so early in the morning on a Saturday - maybe if he gets it signed Friday, Delta/partner airline will allow the check to happen. Thank you!