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Manchester airport hotel

We will be taking a train direct to the airport in the late afternoon and flying out the next morning (Oct. 10). We have no problem walking a kilometre ot two back and forth from the airport to the hotel but would like to stay on routes with sidewalks. There are 2 Premier Inns nearby but we are not limited to them.
Any advice would be appreciated.

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Hi Alan -

It doesn’t make much difference which hotel you stay at within the airport, walking to them is a trial - pedestrians are not catered for.

However, as you get off the train at Manchester Airport you have to use an escalator or stairs to ascend a level. At the top of the escalator/stairs, turn left and walk towards the exit. On the wall by the doors to the airport outside is a phone which is free to use and has all the airport hotel numbers listed. Use this phone to summon a shuttle bus to your hotel.

We’ve stayed a couple of times at the Clayton House Hotel (it is unremarkable, but comfortable enough, for a single night at least), you can see it up to your left as the train pulls into the Airport station. First time, we tried walking there and it was no fun at all and took twenty minutes as we tried to figure out how best to get to it. There are no/few pavements (sidewalks) and the traffic is moving fast. Second time we summoned the hotel shuttle bus from the phone (it was free) and were picked up in front of the station just the other side of the doors. The shuttle bus also took us to the relevant terminal for our flight out early the next morning. All free of charge if memory serves.

I would check, just to be on the safe side, that your hotel of choice offers a shuttle to the hotel from the station. Most appear to from what I can recall but I’m not sure the Premier Inns have such a facility, but I stand, as in all things, to be corrected! I think you can access the Radisson directly on foot from the station, but we’ve never stayed there so confirmation is required!

One other thing. We booked through and on our first visit the hotel had cocked up the booking, their records showing our room booked for the same date the previous month. All talk of us being ‘no shows’ was quickly quashed when I produced the paperwork, which I always carry with me and although there was a slightly tense ten minutes while they corrected their own error, we didn’t have to get stroppy and insist they rectified their mistake at their cost even if it meant them finding another hotel for us. In fact once the penny dropped that they’d dropped the ball, they were reasonably apologetic and provided us a room in the hotel as booked. Note though, that if you book Premier Inn your booking will be through their own website.

Hope you get fixed up suitably!


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Thanks for the quick response. Airports never seem to consider pedestrians when setting up their surrounding.