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Luxury-Train Splurge for a Day

The Belmond British Pullman train is used for a variety of one-day tourist runs that might actually be viable as splurges for normal folks. The fare can be as low as £315 for a 4-hour spin through the countryside and afternoon tea; given how expensive afternoon tea in a luxe environment can be, that prices doesn't sound awful for such an experience. The all-day trip to Bath from £425 per person would probably be enticing to quite a few people, as would the Highclere Castle visit, priced from £468 but sold out for many months.

The eleven restored Art Deco carriages look beautiful in the photos and are currently running with reduced capacity. (Actually, with the new anti-coronavirus rules, such tourist-train service may be suspended at the moment.)

Corporate website: article:

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Now that would be the way to visit Highclere Castle. Clearly a day to remember. Thank you for posting that wonderful link acraven So, now which movie to watch tonight; Murder on the Orient Express or Downton Abbey?

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Thanks acraven. These are what I call (somewhat)affordable splurges. My husband would love this. I am bookmarking this.

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I love riding trains and especially a train like that, but that is way to pricey to attract me.

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It’s an intriguing looking set of carriages, and I see they’re using steam engines for selected runs. And a dress code, understandable in that setting. But even mentioning not allowing torn jeans? Even an everyday train goer should at least have pants in good repair!

Nice as they are, that’s a pricey ride. It’d be a transportation diet - would shed quite a few pounds off our bank account!

And can people stash their single carry-on suitcase onboard?

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Gosh, Emma. I thought it was only British men whose eyes moistened as Jenny Agutter shouted "Daddy, Daddy, My daddy's come home" as her wrongly-jailed father emerged from the steam by the train.

The worst part of that film was when the children managed to run over the top of the hill in less time than it took the train to go through the tunnel. It was Jenny Agutter (again!) who fainted when she took off her petticoat to wave it to stop the train to protect the runner with the broken leg.

I understand she is different in "Call the midwife",

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leave it to emma to call up the tear-jerker