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Lord Byron is *not* buried in Westminster Abbey, but in Nottinghamshire

In our recent discussions about the famous writers and scientists entombed in Westminster Abbey (like so: )

we didn't mention the bad boy of the Romantic era -- Lord Byron, who I'm mentioning now because his birthday was yesterday (London 1788).

Byron was wildly famous during his life, but he was denied burial in Westminster Abbey for reasons of "questionable morality."

On his deathbed Byron requested that his body be left undisturbed. Sadly, his wishes were disregarded; doctors cut him open almost upon his last breath, removing parts of his skull and organs for souvenirs.

The remains of his remains are in a former abbey in Nottinghamshire that was taken over to become a family home --

Have any of you done the Newstead Abbey house/garden tour?
How would we fit it into a local itinerary?

Lot's of juicy tidbits about his work and fame here:

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As a side note regarding Newstead Abbey,
when we think about Henry VIII taking over Church property as part of his muscling in on the Pope's business, the dispensation of those lands and structures and goods is less than straightforward, I imagine. The redistribution was of course not done with the little people in mind but those who had ties to the Court, and following all those threads must make for an interesting perspective on English history as well.