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Looking for worthwhile site for 2 nights stay on our way to Oxford for a one-week stay

My sister and I are taking our mother to Oxford for a one-week stay, flying into LHR. We are using public transportation only. I'd originally planned for us to take the bus directly to Oxford, which I've used in the past, but my mother would like to add in a side trip on the front-end for 2 nights, so now I'm looking for a city or town worth visiting that we can get to directly from LHR (rather than going through London), but not too far from our ultimate destination of Oxford. I am thinking of Winchester. Thoughts on that? Any other suggestions? We will visit Windsor on the back-end to put us close to LHR. Thank you.

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The day you fly in will probably be a jet-lagged blur. It's not two days; it's really one day. with two nights. I'd suggest your original base in Oxford with day trips. If she really wants to go someplace else, maybe you could go to Bath. That would make for a nice, contained destination and an easy bus trip.

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Good for Mum! She will love Winchester it is a delightful place and doesn't get as many tourists as places like Oxford or Bath. It will be much more relaxing . There is plenty to do and see there - Winchester Cathedral for a start and do try and join a guided tour as you discover all sorts of bits of information that never make it into the guide books. There is Winchester Great Hall with King Arthur's Table hanging from the wall. Don't miss the Hospital of the Holy Cross, a medieval alms house. There are also the ruins of Wolvesley Castle, the palace of the Bishop's of Winchester. And finally, there are also some lovely walks along the river.

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Thank you CT, you are exactly right that this schedule only allows one real day for sightseeing since we'll be so jet-lagged that first day. That's why I figured 2 nights would allow one full day of taking in wherever we end up. Bath on the front-end is a good idea. I had figured it as a day-trip from Oxford, but maybe we actually stay overnight.

Thank you wasleys for your endorsement of Winchester. None of us have ever been there, so it would be fun to go someplace completely new for all of us. I've taken note of your recommended sightseeing activities in Winchester. :)

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There's a lot to be said for Winchester...