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Long term vehicle leasing in the UK

Does anyone know if there is a similar vehicle leasing situation in the UK like the long term leasing in Germany and such.

We have leased a vehicle for a 5 week stay before, but we picked up in Germany traveled all around then went to the UK.

This time, we are flying to UK only but will be there for a few weeks and would rather get the better deal and insurance benefits of a leased car?


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I was going to reply in the negative until I read Joe’s post. A quick look at the ‘Flexed’ website does not make it clear whether the cars are new or not, how much delivery charges would be, or if rentals are fixed at monthly periods. Insurance is extra and likely very high. Five weeks, as per your lease in Germany, is not considered long term.

It looks like the Citroën and Peugeot short term rentals are no longer available in the UK since it left the EU. I’d stick with Autoeurope. I’ve used them a number times, a Europcar vehicle, and my rental cars have all been almost new. I take out what is called Super Cover (covers tires, windshield etc): it’s expensive, but does give you a peace of mind. Note, you’ll notice that rentals in the UK are a bit pricier than on the mainland.

PS: Tina, you have started two almost identical threads.

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I have never heard of Flexed or such hire in the U.K. Flexed don’t get very good reviews.

The phrase long term vehicle rental in the U.K. would mean 3 + years, so be cautious when using this phrase!

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Avis offer a long term rental up to 90 days and their prices don't look too bad in comparison to a short term rental.