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long layover in Heathrow from Shannon

Hi all - My daughters and I have a trip scheduled in September to Ireland. We have a long layover in Heathrow (15 hours). We arrive at Heathrow 1900 hrs from Shannon airport and will depart the next day at 1000 hrs. Since I'm a little too old to enjoy sleeping in an airport, we've decided to book a hotel close to the airport and then get on our return flight home. Flying in on Aer Lingus (terminal 4?) and departing next morning on Virgin (terminal 5?) We'd like to book a hotel room for that 15 hour period. So, since our flight out of Heathrow is part of a connecting flight, will we have any problems leaving the airport and then coming back in to finish the rest of our flight? We will re-enter the airport with only carryon luggage.

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Yes, on a connecting flight, you can leave Heathrow and the spend the night at a hotel. FYI -- Virgin Atlantic operates from Terminal 3. You might want to arrive at the terminal the next day 2 1/2- 3 hours before the flight departs as security lines can be long.

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I would book a room in Windsor, a cab is a 15 minute ride. By going to Windsor, you could walk around in the evening have a good meal at a pub or restaurant.

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Aer Lingus is Terminal 2, rather than 4.

If you aren't really looking at doing anything in particular, one of the Bath Road hotels would be convenient to both, with free local bus transport to and from the airport central area (not the Hoppa!). Since these are much of a muchness you could take whatever is best on discount, although the Renaissance is the one with best views of plans taking off and landing if that is of any interest. Maybe walk to The Pheasant for something to eat.

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Continental, Robin Z, Marco - Thanks so much for the great info. I wasn't sure of the terminals, so thanks for that too. We won't have much time but we would like to venture out a little.