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London - what to do

I will be going to London and staying near the Bayswater tube station. I am going at 2PM start time on a London Walks that starts at the Warwick Avenue Station. I am trying to figure out what to do in the morning in London before I need to meet the London Walks group at 2PM or really a little before that so I don't miss the walk. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what or where I should go in the morning. I don't really want to go to a musuem as I like to stay in museums for a long period of time but would consider it.

Thank you for your advice and suggestions.

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If you are a history buff, I would highly recommend Churchill's underground war chambers- fascinating look at the PM's behind the scenes life during WWII.

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How long will you be in London and what are your plans for the other days? I would be hard-pressed to spend more than 2 hours in any museum, so a museum is often a good morning activity for us, which I'd follow with a nice lunch before the 2:00pm tour.

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Hi Frank: Yes, I actually was thinking of taking two London walks after I wrote my question. Maybe, one walk in the morning and then the one at 2PM. That is something to consider. They start at 10:45AM or 11AM and last 2 hours. So I would have time to get to my next walk and hopefully grab a sandwich on the go.

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This is an almost impossibly open-ended question, without knowing anything more about what kind of things you like to do, how far afield from the Bayswater area you're willing to go, what else you may have seen or done in London before, and what else you might have planned for this trip. But focusing on things relatively nearby:

Regent's Park and Hyde Park are both good places for a stroll if the weather's nice.

Depending on the day of the week, you could go over to Portobello Road and explore the shops and street market there. (Saturday is the market's busiest day. On Sunday, the market is closed, and the shops might not open until later in the morning.)

Westbourne Grove is also a moderately interesting street to explore, with a lot of local shops and restaurants. It's not so interesting to be worth a special trip from anywhere, but it's right on your way from Bayswater to Warwick Avenue.

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I would spend the morning walking in Kensington Gardens and Hyde Park, leaving enough time to find a Pret a Manger for a grab-and-go lunch ( I seem to recall one in Paddington Station, but they are all over). Or take the tube to Westminster and walk along the Thames in view of Parliament and Big Ben, looping back through Whitehall and the Horse Guards Parade, and St. James Park. But avoid going near Buckingham Palace if it is change of the guard time. In fact maybe reverse the walk and start at St. James,mthen Horse Guards, and down to the river. You can cross the Hungerford Bridge near Horse Guards and walk along the south side, crossing back on Westminster Bridge to the tube station.

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The Wallace Collection is a smaller museum in Marylebone worth considering. Not too far if you take the Tube or bus. Likewise, walking through Mayfair or Marylebone and simply looking around is also interesting. You're also close to Kensington Palace.

It's a great area to be based. Have fun!

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There are so many things to do and see.
I did a google search for to 10 things to do in London and
another for things to do in London.
It reminded me of all the wonderful things I enjoyed - you can also find great books at the library
i.e "Top 10 things to do in London" etc.
I'm like you in regards to museums - and I love walking around areas like
Notttinghill, Banks of Thames, took a short boat to Greenwich and walked all over the area and of course went to the observatory (didn't go inside) but looked all over the outside and took lots of pix.

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What day of the week is the 2pm London Walk?

Asking because if Saturday and you are in Bayswater then head over to explore Portobello Market.

Or do the Hyde Park, Kensington Garden looksee as already suggested.

Or start your day by exploring Camden Lock Market.

Or having tea at Selfridges and spend time wandering in the huge store.

LOTS to do and see ANY morning in London.

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If your walk starts at Warwick Avenue Station, you are doing the Little Venice and Regents Canal Path walk, I assume. Before it, you might want to visit Regents' Park and the London Zoo, if you like zoos.
I'm trying to give you something to do before your walk that is not too far from where you will meet your walk group.

If you wanted to do a London Walk before this one, the most logical is the Beatles "In My Life" walk, which meets outside the entrance to Marylebone Railway Station. This tour goes on every Tuesday and Saturday at 11:20 A.M. This walk ends at Abbey Road Studios. It is a short walk from here to Warwick Avenue tube station.

From Abbey Road Studios, you would walk south about 2 blocks, then turn right (west) at Hall Road. Walk west on Hall Road about 6 blocks. When you pass Randolph Avenue, veer left (southwest) onto Warrington Crescent. In about 3 blocks you will come to Warwick Avenue tube station.

I don't know what day of the week your other walk is taking place. If it is not on Tuesday or Saturday, you will not be able to do the Beatles walk before it.

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You could go visit the British Library in the morning. They have good exhibits and you can catch the tube back to Warwick station without much trouble.


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errrr.. Depends on the time . Plan an hour to get to your group for the walk. I'd say try to fit in Westminster if they plan on not visiting it. Get there when it opens to avoid the lines and see everything before it turns into a tourist trap. The other option would be to go see the Crown Jewels right when it opens at the tower of london (again before the lines).