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London Walks--virtual tours

London Walks has suspended their live walks, but they are offering some virtually. They are live and held at specific times. 8 GBP.

One of the walks being offered is on P.G. Wodehouse. If this interests you, I can attest it's very interesting and the guide knows his stuff. I took it as a one-off last September and I was the only one on the walk.

I havent's tried one as I only found out about it today.

Remember, the times given are London time.

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Great discovery, Frank. Alas, I'm afraid my internet connection isn't good enough for this use (they're using Zoom; the walks aren't archived), but I may try anyway. I'd like to help out a company whose products I've enjoyed many times.

I believe this will be treated as a foreign transaction by our credit-card issuers, so we should use the no-fee or low-fee cards we normally take to Europe. And we should all be sure we don't accept DCC (being charged in our home currency rather than pounds); I think that may be what Paypal defaults to.

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Excellent news, and really helpful information, Frank II! We did two London Walks in March, just before the U.K. and USA pandemic responses made such activities undoable. The Marylebone and Greenwich walking tours were rewarding. The guides do know their stuff, although standing outside in a spot with a chilling wind in Greenwich for a couple of hours wasn’t the best possible experience. And getting to meeting places and finding our way back from endpoints was challenging. So a virtual tour would avoid some of those aspects, although you’re not quite in London. Definitely will check these out. Thank you!

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I did several London Walks tours last September and found some of the walks met my expectations better than others. I enjoyed the P G Wodehouse tour very much, along with about 15 other people. You were fortunate to be the only one on your tour. I see a couple of virtual tours I'd like to take. Thanks for posting.

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Thanks Frank for the information. My family and I have been taking virtual tours each weekend, mainly in Italy, but last Sunday took the London Walk Jack the Ripper tour. I had taken the tour when I was in London several years ago, but actually enjoyed the virtual tour more. Simon Woodhouse was the guide and did a great job on covering the crimes and giving us insight into the forgotten victims. I would take a virtual tour again.


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Thanks for highlighting this. I’ve been enjoying getting my London Walks “fix” with their virtual tours....

  • Piccadilly with Karen
  • Old Westminster with Karen
  • Old London with Russell
  • Inside Covent Garden with Simon
  • Charles Dickens with Simon

And they offer many others....Mayfair, Kensington, Dylan, Beatles, and more.

I love this guides’ collective and am happy to support them in person or online.

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Sandy O, please tell us about the virtual tours in Italy. I did the London Walks one on Disastrous London. It was great and if you keep you're ticket you can use it on the actual walk when we finally get back to London.

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Thanks Frank. I looked thru to see if RS Guide Tom who also used to work for London Walks was featured but I don't see him. I'd love a virtual walk with him!