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London Walks or Sandeman Walking tour

Has anyone taken a walk with these 2 companies? Which one do you recommend we take?

Thank you!

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Never heard of Sandeman Walks.

London Walks have never disappointed.

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A big advantage of London Walks is that nearly all of the local walks are just-show-up deals. That means you can make a last-minute decision based on the weather, your proximity to the meeting point, etc. Does Sandeman work the same way?

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Read reviews of Sandeman tours carefully. These are the supposedly 'free' tours that lots of people complain about. Yes, you just show up and there is no set price (free) but you are expected to tip the guide. Their practice of making guides pay X amount for each 'head' on the tour and hoping they get enough tips to make it pay, is of concern to lots of people.

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I took my first London Walks walk in 1991. There is a reason it's still going wrong. I have never had a bad walk with them.

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We did a London Walks in March and loved it!!! So easy to pick a tour and your know,rain or shine, it goes. We sat in a cafe outside of our meeting place . There were maybe 10 people. Our guide was excellent. She was quit concerned about our safety crossing streets. We did the Ancient Mile. I would love to do more when we go back!!!

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Since London Walks is perfect, there is no reason to try another company in my opinion.

I also hate the ‘free’ walking tours that basically mandate a tip for the same amount as you’d pay for a London Walk.

I’ve never tipped on a London Walk, although I have bought the guides a beer a couple of times after the walk was over.