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London Walks-Cotswolds

Has anyone taken the London Walks day trips from London to the Cotswolds or the day trip to Oxford and the Cotswolds? Do you have a review of what was covered?

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I did the day trip to the Cotswolds with London Walks, but it was several years ago. We took the train from Paddington to the station in the Cotswolds, where a bus was waiting for us. We had stops, with short walks in the morning and afternoon. I cant remember exactly which villages we went to, I do remember walking Upper and Lower Slaughter - but I'd be guessing about the rest.

I did think it was a very good trip and gave a good introduction to the area. If you want more detail you could always email London Walks directly and ask which villages they visit.


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I did the London Walks Oxford and Cotswolds last year. It stops in one Cotswold Village for a walking tour then heads back into Oxford where you get a good walking tour with some free time. I truly enjoyed it.

I took the Cambridge tour earlier in the week with Simon. I liked his guiding and he mentioned that he was doing the Oxford tour later in the week. I had been to Oxford over twenty years prior but decided to go back because I enjoyed his first tour. The second was just as good. And I was not the only one to take both tours with him.

I have taken numerous tours with London Walks and have never had a bad one.

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I didn't walk the Cotswolds with a guide, just kind of figured it out myself -- and it ended up being amazing! I stationed myself in Stow-on-the-Wold and traveled by car to Broadway, which is not far from Chipping Campden (you can take the coach route from Chipping to Broadway and vise versa). From Broadway, there is a wonderful walking path that takes you through green, sheep filled plains and hills leading up to Broadway tower. We veered off on the left path on top of the hill which lead us to Chipping Campden. Once we arrived, we had a few ales at a local pub then took the timed bus back to Broadway. I personally thought it was a lot of fun exploring without a guide for this as we had no clue what to expect and where we would end up. It all just worked out.