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London Tool Kit

We need to travel from Heathrow to Harwich for a cruise. London Toolkit is a company that rents private cars to take you from Heathrow. Before paying on-line in advance, does anyone know if London Toolkit is a reputable company?

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Not heard of them before, and they absolutely could be an excellent reputable company. All I can judge on is the criteria I would use when selecting a similar company for myself. Looking at their website, it looks fairly amateurish, and more importantly, their 'contact' button seems to default to email. I would never use a company that didn't give an address and a phone number.

They look like middle men, and booking directly with one of the big car rental companies might give you more peace of mind, even if you pay a little more. I personally avoid car rental at all costs. I've not had a bad experience myself, but have heard some.

My company rents many cars, and total vigilance during handover is a must. They will fill out a damage report when you take the car, and anything THEY miss, and don't note down, YOU could end up paying for, as they will simply say, the damage wasn't there when you took the car, even though it was.

Take your own photo's of the car at handover, and flag up every single last bit of damage, not matter how small. They won't miss a thing when you give the car back. I'm not saying this is typical on car hire companies in the UK, but I have heard stories of this happening.

They seem to offer a shared shuttle bus option, this seems a sensible idea, then no issues with renting / driving / damage, as I say, they could be an excellent company.

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I too have never heard of this company, despite working in London for years! If you click on their CONTACT button, it just automatically fires up an email and gives no details of their address or phone number, so I personally would not trust this site, but they may well be OK. It seems very expensive for a car. The train would be cheaper unless there are lots of you!

Try contacting your cruise company and ask for recommendations as many others must be asking the same question.

Addison Lee is a major private car company (not taxis as they have to be pre-booked) - check out their prices.