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London to Stratford Upon Avon

What was the site re minibus that looked reasonable from London to Stratford Upon Avon and from Stratford Upon Avon to LHR! I am sorry I lost my note of someone suggestion this company. Also have booked on National Express a bus from London to Stratford Upon Avon. Have one roller board suitcase. Do they put in bus storage area and is it safe! Thank you.

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Don't know about shuttles or private tours, but on the National Express coach your large luggage will be put in a compartment under the coach. It's just about possible someone might pinch it at an intermediate stop but unlikely.

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Here is your thread you posted a couple of days ago, and my answer.
The company is Go Cotswold Tours, based in Stratford-Upon-Avon.
You have already booked your own transportation to Stratford-Upon-Avon.
Good, because no company that I know of has a mini-bus service from London out to SUA.
Likewise, you'll need to line up your own transportation back to London (or wherever you are going after SUA).

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About the National Express bus from London to Stratford Upon Avon.
Yes, they do put your luggage in a locked storage bin underneath the bus.
When you reach your destination, the bus driver will get your bags out and hand them to you.