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London to Salisbury ...Stonehenge tour

Would like to know the best choice for traveling (train,coach, Uber) from Nottinghill, London and traveling to Salisbury. Would u know of an "inside the fence tour " of Stonehenge?

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Here is a response I posted on another post. We are renting a car because the inner circle access is either sunrise or sunset.

We ordered our Stonehenge Circle special access directly from the English Heritage website. It cost us $30 per person. It was easy! I called the number + 44 (0) 370 333 0605. They gave me a provisional date and time. Then they email you an application. You fill it out and email it back with payment info. We got an evening viewing! I'm so excited to walk in the inner circle. Our plan is to rent a car for the day from heathrow airport. We will visit Avebury and Salisbury earlier. Our tickets for the special access is 6:45 pm. I wasn't sure about public transportation that late. So we will just drop the car back at Heathrow. I know it probably would be better to stay close to Salisbury but just didn't workout. Anyway, getting the tickets were easy! Only 30 people allowed in the circle! Can't wait!