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London to Petworth House

Thank you to all who have helped answer my variety of questions regarding our upcoming trip to England and Scotland. Almost all the details are in place, however, one last question - what is the best way to get from London to Petworth park. We could drive - meaning my husband, who has said he would prefer not driving in London, good decision.

I though we might be rent a car outside of London, but I am having a challenge finding a car rental agency that would keep us away from London traffic.

The train is almost a 2 hour ride, cutting into the time to explore Petworth. If this idea will not work, any suggestions for manor houses we might access by train outside of London or Oxford would be appreciated.

thank you

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Train from London Victoria to Pulborough, about 75 mins:

Bus number 1 from Pulborough station to Petworth; one bus per hour, takes about 15 minutes.

So quite achievable by train and bus.

Take a train to Gatwick Airport if you want to rent a car.

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I've been asked what day of the week we would travel to Petworth - probably a Tuesday.

thank you

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Tuesdays are better for buses and trains than weekends as long as you stay away from peak travel hours (6-10 in the morning, 4-7:30 in the evening).

Not so good for driving though. Weekends much better for driving.

Most manor houses, particularly National Trust, tend to have large estates and can be quite a long way from train stations and bus stops. Cars tend to work well there.