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London to Paris to Amsterdam?


I have a work trip scheduled for late October 2015 in London. I'm planning to extend my stay by 7 days and was wondering if its too much to try and see London, Paris and Amsterdam in 7 days? If this is a good itinerary, what's the best of each city and how many days per city would be enough? Is it best to go via train? Thanks for your help!


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7 days isn't enough time for three cities. London and Paris are doable, split the days in half each are world-class places. The two cities are linked via the high-speed Chunnel train, journey time 2.5 hours; city center to city center. It uses airline style pricing so the sooner you book the cheaper it will be; six months allowed. Check schedules/fares, and book ticket via this blind hot link:

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I would just do London and Paris or London and Amsterdam. Just pick two.

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I agree with sanderskn about picking 2 cities. Narrowing down your interests might help select the 2 most interesting ones.

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If London + Amsterdam is your choice, then it's generally cheaper and faster to fly Easy Jet. Book ahead for the best rates on either plane to Amsterdam or Eurostar train to Paris; most Eurostar departures go on sale 4 - 6 months in advance of the travel dates.

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Since you will starting off in London have you check what london has to offer?

From there you can look at what Paris and Amsterdam has that may interest you.

I have been to all three places and from what i like to do/see, i easlily spent 4 full days in both London and Paris and didnt see everything thats there. Those 4 full days were just in the city too, no day trips outside of the city. Amsterdam i spent 3 full days there and again no outside day trips.

YOu can do all 3 and more if you choose, but you should be aware that the more you choose the less you may see.

Figure out what and where you want to go most and go from there. If you can do alot of things in london while you are working there, then that may allow you more time outside of London.

as far as how to get around, you can do train or plane. If you decide to go to Paris from London, you have time to buy your tickets. The earlier the better since prices will be less. However, if your company will pickup the tab, then who cares?

happy trails.

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I agree with the others. Pick london and Amsterdam or London and Paris given the number of days. If you choose Amsterdam check out the dutch flyer train and ferry service from London to Amsterdam. You can choose to sleep on the ferry, save a nights hotel bill and wake up refreshed for a full day of sightseeing in Amsterdam. Have a great trip.