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London to Paris

i am panning to travel to Paris from London via train. two questions

1) s best site to buy tickets online?

2) another question is on immigration. i am assuming travelers have to go thru any immigration before boarding the train. if yes then how much time shall i account for that.

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Hi BG! We are doing the same in February. The last time I did this I bought the tickets from the Eurostar website 6 months in advance for the best price. That was in 2014, so if there is a better way now I hope someone will share. I would allow plenty of time when you arrive at the train station. At least an hour. You do go through immigration before boarding.

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  • Eurostar is the company running the trains. Buy direct from them
  • Buy early for cheap prices.
  • The Eurostar train is unusual in that there is a security check AND immigration (x2, exiting UK AND entering France) before boarding the train. They quote a minimum time to be at the station and through the ticket barrier of 30 minutes before departure. Plan for 45-60 minutes to be safe.
  • There is no immigration when you arrive, as you have already done that before getting on the train in London. Just walk off the train as any other train.

This is the only international train I know that does this. All other international trains, immigration (passport control) either does not occur or is done on the train.

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Thanks all for your replies. I will buy my tickets this week.