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London Small Museums

I am considering going to two London house musuems: the Leighton House Museum and the 18 Stafford Terrace. Both look very nice and interesting. Has anyone been to either one or both of these musuems? If so, did you enjoy it, what should I know if anything before hand and was there any thing else to see or do near both museums.

Pleaes let me say, I have been to the Sir John Sloane's Musuem and loved it.

Was there any pubs to go to, to eat should I want to stop for lunch or a drink near by?

Thanks for all your help.

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You also might be interested in Sir John Soane's mansion, which became his own museum even while he lived there. Architect of the Bank of England, he collected extensively in 18th Century Europe when well-off Englishmen were taking The Grand Tour of the Continent, bringing home plenty of relics and plaster-cast replicas (aka "loot"). Wars abroad cut off the tourism so Soane used his house as a living classroom for his students. It remains crammed with stuff, including some of William Hogarth's celebrated satirical painting of gin-soaked London. These are kept in special storage racks that the helpful attendants will unfold when requested, usually along with a discussion. For all the clutter, it is a cosy place, helped by the volunteer staff's clear affection for the great collector.

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Thank you Southam, but I went to that museum this year and although I loved it, I do want to see new things.

Have you been to the two museums I am asking about.

Thank you.

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I've been to Leighton House, though not in over a decade. I remember it being very detailed and pretty, and a nice interlude from more touristed attractions.

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We've been to Leighton House and enjoyed it thoroughly. It didn't help that we had the address (partially) incorrect, but we are nothing if not dogged and tracked it down. I think we wandered around Holland Park afterwards. Can't think about going to a pub afterwards, but there are plenty to choose from in London - check out a couple so you develop a 'nose' for the good ones!

Have a great trip!


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The Scarsdale Tavern is a 10 minute walk from the Leighton House museum. You could also visit the interesting Design Musem and have lunch there.

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Thank you all who sent me your responses. All were appreciated.