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London Quandry

We are scheduled to leave for London on April 15, returning from Paris on the 25th. We are not fretting over catching the virus but more about possible detainment in Paris. Thoughts????

Also, in the instance that we do cancel our trip, I've tried reaching (got hung up on) and directly emailing the hotel in Liverpool (no response) . We have also been unable to contact Easy Jet for our flight from Liverpool to Paris.
We don't have oversea phone service, so any thoughts????


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We have been going crazy with and our hotel directly. Booking won't help without a confirmation number but claim the one we have is invalid. No response from the hotel at all

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For, have you tried using the app and entering your confirmation number?

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I've only rarely needed to cancel a reservation, but I didn't have any trouble doing so. I think last year I signed in, clicked on my name (upper right on a desktop computer), then clicked on "Bookings". I can't say for sure since I have no pending reservations, but I think that's how I accessed the ones I wanted to cancel.

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hey hey arnieri
no one can answer your question about detainment. you are one month away from your trip, if you cancel, i'm sure you will get no refund if it's your initiative. with millions of travelers trying to ask same questions or cancelling, "travel operators" are so overwhelmed with this pandemic. any of those reservations non-refundable?
lots of places are closed or on limited hours, just be patient. remember the time difference in calling overseas is 8 to 9 hours. download their app as someone mentioned, see if they have whatsapp, if they do download the app and it's free calling.
hope all works out

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It's going to get worse for several weeks/months why on earth would you travel?

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It is an easy decision at this point to cancel any trips to Europe, including the UK that are to occur in March and April. The pandemic in Europe will likely continue to get worse before it gets better and restrictive actions are being added or announced on a regular basis. Returning travelers from Europe may find themselves in quarantine at the very least.

As to cancellation problems, keep in mind that everyone is trying to cancel reservations right now too. The systems are likely overloaded, so be patient and keep trying. Look for opportunities to cancel online - confirmation emails usually will have links for that.

Given the mass lockdowns and government restrictions, you have a very good chance of getting back any deposits or avoiding cancellation fees that might otherwise be imposed. Most airlines are waiving cancellation fees. Non-refundable hotel reservations, if you have them, may be harder, but quality institutions know this is a unique circumstance and should be more lenient.

And please do not make statements about not being worried about catching the virus. Even if you are not in a high-risk group, if you do get ill that takes resources away from others who need it and overwhelms healthcare systems. The travel and social containment steps are about trying to keep the healthcare systems from being overrun.

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Early last week I used the process acraven describes to cancel reservations on and had no problems. I'm sure their customer service phones are overwhelmed right now, but do keep trying if you need to speak with someone.

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It’s a no brainer. Cancel.

I am sure services are overrun with cancellations so bear with it.

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arnie, ask yourself this question. If you know you will be worried about being detained somewhere, will you be able to enjoy your trip?

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Cancel No time to travel. Conditions are changing rapidly. Many countries are imposing restrictions on their own citizens to help flatten the curve of infection. Plus new 14 day quarantines for tourists entering is not uncommon. The UK hasn't done so yet but really restrictions anywhere are just an announcement away. So anyone could be caught up in these. Your trip id not until April 15th but I according to what I hear from the experts, I doubt this will go away by then . Your flights may be cancelled anyways.