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London or Paris?

My friend & I need to kill 3 or 4 days before heading to Dublin for St. Patrick's Day with others. The question is whether to spend those days in London or Paris. We love art, history, food and drink! We prefer to rent apartments and tend to be thrifty since cost is a factor. We love a good deal.

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I can name 50 things to do in Paris, I can name 500 in London.

Ok maybe I'm a little bias, and Paris is a great city for sure, but can anywhere really offer the history, tradition, culture, food (yes food!), theatre, museums, transport, shopping and all round good time that London can?

And to clarify, Paris has amazing French food, London has amazing food from every country there is.

Has to be London.

*This reply brought to you by the 'London is the greatest city on Earth' committee, funded by the Institue of Happiness and Great Vacations.

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Both cities have tons to see and do. I have not exhausted even the typical tourist spots with several visits to each city. See summaries here for London and Paris. Either city is probably a cheap flight away from Dublin. London has more museums that are free and more theater that is in English. Paris finds it insulting to even consider those minor differences. A coin toss may be the only fair method.

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I'm with Laura - toss a coin. Both are great. I'd maybe lean toward Paris as being more "different" from Dublin.

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Paris also has world-class food from other cultures, especially with its ties from former colonies from North Africa to Southeast Asia . . and if you're trying to be thrifty, your dollar goes further against the euro than it does the pound.

And yes Paris has history, culture, art, architecture, charming cafés, museums, transport, shopping, "all around good time" etc. etc. etc.

And they HELPED us during our Revolutionary War rather than trying to keep us subservient and sending the rents home to King George ;p

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@Mike J - as much as I adore London, I have to say that I've had amazing Japanese food in Paris, gorgeous falafel, amazing dim sum, and wonderful Alsatian food. :-)

But I am with Laura - flip a coin!

Or pick Paris because it IS "more different" from Dublin.

Another thought - if you don't speak French, and Paris seems daunting because of the language barrier, it makes sense to do it first - then you can relax and speak English freely in Dublin!

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I can see my attempts to blow Londons trumpet have fallen on deaf ears, so I shall be gracious in defeat and accept that Paris is a world class city also, and offer a coin up for the toss. All meant in good humour.


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I was going to suggest a coin toss as well. Usually while the coin is in the air, I find my heart tells me which I am hoping wins. If not, I let the coin decide. For me, my heart would be rooting for London. (FYI i have been to Paris twice and London three times.)

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London would be my suggestion of where to "kill" 3 or 4 days prior to experiencing the drunken madness of St Pat's in Dublin. Not a cheap city to visit so you'll need to do your homework regarding "budget" accommodations, etc. GREAT city for history, food and drink. VRBO or AirBnB are good options to research apartments. I'm not thumbing my nose at Paris. Been there 3 times, simply prefer London's atmosphere.

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I thought that St Patrick's day just passed.. You're not still hung over and trying to go round in circles are you????

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Something to consider is the value of the US dollar to the GBP and the euro. Right now for every $100 you get £68; for every $100 you get 94 €. So when you find a hotel/apartment for 150/night, in London it'll costs you $220, in Paris it's $159.
Another thing to consider are the additional fees associated with an apartment such as cleaning, deposits, etc which for 3 nights is another several hundred $ you have to fork out/ get back verses a hotel which includes breakfast.
We're heading to London for the first time in May, and we've been to Paris before. If you love a great (better) deal, and are looking for a fantastic city to stay in, why not head to Paris this trip and hit London another time.