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London Michelin Single Star splurge meals that wont break the budget

When we travel I get the chance of special date night on the trip - take the spouse to a Michelin single star (or equivalent level) place for a date night meal -

any recos that are

  • not crazy money for menu option (prefer to not have the a la carte pressure and let the chef drive the agenda) if we can stay around 75 pounds or less per person for food that would be ideal

near Hyde park/bayswater area - our independent and teenage son does
not come with us and does sushi or other take away in room so we need to be at least
close by if needed to get back

most importantly - not noisy - spouse has noise sensitivity and plus
i want to enjoy the food and not listen to crappy 80s/90s music over
the speakers -
the place does not need to be silent just not trying to be overly
vibrant vibe

suggestions from the RS community appreciated

PS - for a sense of example, we did this place in Paris in the 11th over summer and it was AMAZING and fit the above criteria to a T - the place is a must-do before they get a second star and the place gets crazy spendy

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