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Greetings to all the wonderful participants in this world of Rick Steves EUROPE.
All of us deeply appreciate your knowledge - and - your consideration in sharing it.
New arrival here.

I lived in England for 2 years in the military (RAF SCULTHORPE-Fakenham) - 1964-1965.
Dances on the weekends at Yarmouth - Pubs in Norwich - youth....wonderful people - wonderful memories - youth <3
My wife & I have been to London a number of times attending those things tourists attend.
We are returning for 10 days and have a particular interest.
It is the small neighborhood in the city we would most like to visit. The small shops, pubs, flower shops, coffee houses
parks and squares with gardens and outdoor cafes.
We would certainly consider visiting small towns for a couple of days each out of the city.
Any ideas?

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hey hey
read up on it's a blog, scroll down to day trips from london.
sign up for it's like groupon here in the united states. lots of different deals for half off and travel/hotel specials. thanks to a london poster here on the forum, emma. if interested, the wowcher site has 2 for 1 specials, a boat ride down regent's canal from little venice lots of different walks, maybe the beatles "in my life" (she loves you yeah yeah yeah) is a list and map of different street markets check out (what to see and do in rye england) another forum poster's recommendation, thanks nigel or (recommended by a few posters here on forum)
we did a gin tour, i like gin, with shake rattle and stir which is gin had chaffeur van that took us to 6 pubs, each pub had it's own gin and a special cocktail made of it. very interesting to learn about gin and history of london. stopped for dinner near the tower of london, dinner price not included. loved the tour and met a group of other people to enjoy the evening. a website for apartments/b&b's
some sites and places to thinks about and if interested
enjoy your holiday

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Could you clarify, by "the small neighborhood in the city" do you mean the City of London (London's historic center and financial district)? Or is there some other "small neighborhood" in London that you're interested in?

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Belsize Park and Hampstead will put you in a smaller atmosphere, and both have access to Hampstead Heath and Primrose Hill.

Have a look at Dulwich and the area around Wimbledon - as long as you are gone before Wimbledon Fortnight which you will be.

Maybe Epsom and Esher, or do you not want suburbs? Maybe Kew. Or Teddington or Hampton. Or Turnham Green. Crouch End might well suit or Muswell Hill.

There are lots of places - the place is huge with a diverse population and many distinct areas. Without a more specific request it is hard to be sure we are hitting the target.

Do you want to base in one area and visit others or settle in one, or how? Many of the neighbourhoods you describe will be pleasant, and with nice amenities like that the prices will likely be comparatively higher.

Is that OK, or are you working to a budget? Can you share that?

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I don't know what button I pushed - but - it left prematurely. :-)
Again thank you. This is exactly what I was looking for - the websites will be especially beneficial.