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London Jun 21 and 22 - Les Miserables Show (BUY TICKET NOW or WAIT?)

HI all - we will be in London and is it a good idea to buy the ticket now, or wait?

Is the site below the only avenue to get tickets?

Any better and cheaper alternatives?

Thank you.

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The only real way of getting a better price is to buy the same day, but with Les Mis, I find it a bit risky personnally.
FYI, this show is a fantastic one, you will enjoy

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I agree with Claudia, I would like to add one thing. It also depends if you care about where your seats are. In London the best seats are in the area called the stalls (instead of orchestra like here), for me I like sitting in the stalls so I always get my tickets as soon as I can online.

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hey ts
saw your website and am always curious when it says $$ from. always a lower price and then look where seats are and not what i want. mostly seats are up in "heaven".
like claude says maybe day of, check the box office what they have available.
my friend here near san francisco sent me something called lucky seat lottery, you can check it out and read up on it. has theatres and plays listed.
hope you can find something and enjoy london