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London in June Premier Inn

We are visiting this June for 5 days in London & looking to book at a budget hotel like a Premier Inn. We want a convenient area to take transit or walk to the sights. We want to pay no more than $100 CAD a night while being in a area to have pub food near the hotel at night & be able to walk around safely. But which Premier Inn do we book? Thinking of Earls Court or Clapham. We don't know the London neighbourhoods so hard to know. Any suggestions on budget hotels or Premier Inns would be greatly appreciated!

Are you flying into Heathrow? If so, Earl's Court is a good choice. Straight shot on the Piccadilly Line from Heathrow to Earl's Court, and the hotel is about five minutes' walk from the tube station.

Then you have very easy tube and bus transport into central London from Earl's Court.

Nice area, full of pubs and restaurants.

However - your budget is very low. Currently it's only around £60, which is not much more than hostel budget in London. If you can find PI in Earl's Court for that money, grab it now and consider yourself very lucky.

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You won't get a Premier Inn in London for $100 CAD a night. The cheapest I found in June for the Earls Court PI was $144 CAD rising to $263 covering a Saturday night.

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As others have said, with your budget and in peak season, you're likely going to have to go a step or two below a Premier Inn. Fortunately, London is an enormous city with a lot of accommodation options, and there's likely to be something out there that meets your needs.

One option, as mentioned, would be a hostel. Many hostels offer private two-person rooms, if you don't want to go the dormitory-bunk route.

Another option might be a room in a home (like an Airbnb or similar place). It looks like and other booking sites are listing a number of those these days. However, they're likely to be in residential areas that may be far from the city center and lack good transit connections.

And all over London there are bare-bones budget hotels with rock-bottom rates. Some of these may be OK to stay in, but some do look pretty scary. To tell which is which, look at the reviews carefully (i.e., read what they say, not just the numerical score - the cheapest hotels tend to be in older buildings with less than perfect upkeep, which can bring down review scores for travelers who expect too much).

It's hard for us to do your search for you because we don't know your exact dates, and many places will be fully booked already for parts of June. So, comb through some listings and see what you find. Then if you need advice on a specific area, there are folks here who can help with that.

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London is a very expensive city. One of the most expensive in Europe.

While Premier Inn is closer to a budget hotel than a luxury one, there is no way you will find a room in any in the London area for under $100 CAD per night. Except for hostels, I doubt you will find any decent hotel for that amount.

Your options:

1) Increase your budget;

2) Stay further out and take public transportation into the center of the city. Pubs are everywhere so you will find some no matter where you stay. However, you have to add in the extra transportation costs to get to the sights.

3) Look for an AirBNB room but again for that little it will probably not be close to town.

As stated, June is a very busy month with the latter part taken up by Wimbledon. Rates are near their highest that month and cheaper accommodations may be difficult to find.

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Here is an example of the kind of place (probably one of the better ones) you can expect for your budget. (I have no experience with this place or even this part of London - this is not a recommendation, just an example.) It offers basic double rooms in the neighborhood of 50 pounds a night, and it seems to be well reviewed. The downside is that it's in zone 3 - which means higher fares and more travel time to get to the central sightseeing areas - and it's more than 1/2 a mile from the nearest tube or train station. The neighborhood also doesn't look terribly exciting, although there is a pub right around the corner.

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Take a look at the "hub" hotels by premier inn. Don't get there through the premier inn website though go via

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Jill, Hub Hotels' rates for June are still 2-3 times Jules's budget.

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Never stayed in one, but i've seen tourist vlogs with the rooms in. Super small rooms with no luxuries... But clean, cheap, centrally located and from a big name. Earls Court location, mid June, £45.

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I think that EasyHotel price would be hard to beat in London. Not sure how they do it. I'd have booked that for my September trip except that:

  1. If you cancel you do not get a refund, you get a credit that can be used only at an EasyHotel.
  2. The credit is good for only 6 months.

In my case, London is the last stop on my trip, and I will not be back in Europe within 6 months, so an EasyHotel credit would be worthless to me. I'm not about to risk it. If I were booking just a few days before my stay, it would be different (but the hotel would probably be full).

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I think the best you can do for your price range are the YHA hostels. They are clean and in good locations.
Take a look at this one in Earl's Court. Private rooms from £59. Family rooms from £55.

The location near St. Paul's Cathedral is priced even lower. Private rooms from £39.

Oxford Street location is walking distance to many tourist sights. Private rooms from £55.

All locations have a cafe in the first floor, and a front desk for check-in, just like a hotel.
I think you will be pleased with any of them.

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Travelodge usually can ONLY be found by going onto their UK web site, usually are not listed on other search engines or maps. When I searched for central London, and then put the search results in order by price low to high, there were 20 locations listing their one night price as under £62. They're on some of the outskirts, but you should be able to find something that's between your airport and where you want to be for sightseeing. There are a lot of good transportation options, Oyster card will get you a good price on whatever transportation you need.

The search results page will also show you a map, so you can choose where you want to be easily. I've found them to be good when I've stayed at the one one the South Bank and also in the one in Windsor.

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I stayed at the County Hall location 3 weeks ago. Great hotel, great door to the London Eye. 7 minute walk to Parliament and Westminster Abbey. Not sure what their prices will be but I definitely would stay there again.