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London in January

I'm heading over the first week of January and I was just wondering what to expect weather wise during my trip. Thanks for the insight :)

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Dull, grey, occasionally rain or drizzle. Very rarely snow. And very short days. Depressing.

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Snow, frost, fog, sun, rain, drizzle. Sometimes within the same morning.

Statistically the third week in January has the coldest temperatures of the year, but the average maximum is still 43F. Average minimum through January is 34F - but you could easily be 10 Fahrenheit degrees either side of these on any day/night if not more. Average of a bit under 1.5 hours of sun.

It will also be about the latest sunrise in London, ie just after 8am.

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London - for a visitor at least - is never depressing!!!

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Grey, damp, windy and cold, OR Sunny, not windy and not so cold, both of those scenarios could be in the same day. We really won't know with any certainty until the 2nd week in January. :-)

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I think I would layer -- London weather seems to change by the hour. I would also bring a lined raincoat (say, with thinsulate).

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I appreciate the positive comments! Although it will likely be damp and cold I still feel it will be a nice visit! A raincoat will definitely be on my packing list. I am thinking of taking a ferry over to Paris, any thoughts on the idea?

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I seem to remember that Nigel, who posts here and lives in the UK, has said that not many (or maybe none) of the ferries still in service carry foot passengers. A cheap way to cross is by overnight bus. Check out Eurolines. Bus leaves from Victoria Station.

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Re ferry to Paris. You can take a bus from the centre of London to Centre of Paris which takes 9 hours ( If you try to do it yourself you have to get yourself from London to the departing port, the ferry trip and then from the coast of France to Paris. Have a look at the Man in Seat 61 website for good information (

Eurostar takes 2.5 hrs from city centre to city centre and no delays due to inclement weather, unlike the ferries which can easily be cancelled or delayed.

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The Channel is likely to be lumpy in January. There is one ferry company - P&O - left who take foot passengers. Train to Dover, long hike or taxi to docks, unpleasant entry to boat according to a recent review on this website, 90 minutes of not much unless you get a view of the white cliffs, an unpleasant disembarkation according to the same review, a difficult journey on foot or unlikely taxi to the station in Calais, an infrequent train to Paris.

Eurostar is easy, warm, dry, fast and painless. And is currently on sale on the Eurostar site. But sale or not, get your tickets asap because they get very expensive if bought close to departure day. They go up and never go down.

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Most major museums in London are free, so you don't have to worry about cost when ducking into them, even for a brief visit during a rain shower. (In Paris, a Paris Museum Pass costs money but gives you similar flexibility.) You probably should bring a warm coat, scarf, gloves, and umbrella, all of which you can check in the storage area at the entrance to any museum, for hands-free visiting. Night falls early, but London theater and other indoor evening entertainment are very accessible, in English. The most accurate time to check the day's weather forecast is generally that morning, not too far in advance.