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London in December

I get differing opinions about the weather in London in December: Most lnternet sites say that it's around 49-50F and pretty nice. Friends say its a lot colder, damp, and rainy. What opinion is more accurate?

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Today, the first day of November, it's so warm that people are wearing t-shirts and shorts, and sunglasses as protection against the sun and the cloudless, blue sky.

No one knows what the weather in Britain will be like on any given day, even in winter. You might have a great few days in December, or it might be awful - that's all part of the fun!

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I think if you Google "London weather", you only get one result ... "cold, damp and rainy".

However, one 'must-do' if you are in London this December, is to ask them how their Rugby team went in the World Cup.

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Just be aware that 45F and very high humidity can feel colder than 25F and very low humidity.