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London Hotel Along the River? London Hotel walkable to sights?

Is there hotel neighborhood along the river in London? I see that most of the recommended RS hotel neighborhoods are NOT along the river, but wondering if it makes sense to stay along the river somewhere? We fly in to LHR and depart mid-day out of Pancras train station, but have decided we don't necessarily want to stay right next to either of those. Thinking staying somewhere more central to the sights. I've spent a lot of time looking at hotels and have found that we will probably be satisfied with a hotel in the $130/night range. Yes, I realize that's the low end, but maybe that helps with the recommendations.

Is there anywhere to stay that's most walkable? I found something along the North edge of Hyde Park because I know we'll be going to Winter Wonderland one night there....but I'm having a hard time knowing if that's the best for us!

Thanks for your input, I appreciate it!

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Given your price point I'd focus on whether you're near available tube stops. London has so much to see and it's fairly spread out that you could walk yourselves to death. Lots of buses but you tend to get stuck in traffic especially near the main sights.

Years ago I stayed in the London Elizabeth hotel on Bayswater across from Lancaster Gate tube station and Hyde Park. It was easy to walk thru the park to Kensington, walk to Nottinghill, or catch a ride on the subway to everything else. Was fairly basic back in the 90s but looks a bit better now. Noisy though as Bayswater stays pretty busy til late.

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Your best investment will be an Oyster card for using om the tube as well as your own two feet to get around London.

As far as close to the River ( the Thames ) see if you can get accommodations at the County Hall Premiere Inn. Couldn't get much closer to THE sites .....use Google maps satellite maps to see what I'm talking about.

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Look at Premier Inn Waterloo or County Hall. These are both by the river and the London Eye, Westminster.
I don't know how far out your are looking at, but I had really excellent rates last spring at Premier Inn Waterloo that would match with your budget. I did purchase far in advance.

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When are you arriving in LHR and when are you departing from St. Pancras? How many days will you be in London? If you only have a day or so, I would find a hotel in the St. Pancras area, get yourself an oyster card and see the sights via the Tube. If you have more time, there are hotels nearer the river depending on your dates.

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There are lots of hotels near the river if you look on the south side rather than the north side. Areas to search for are the Southbank, Waterloo, London Bridge, Southwark, Vauxhall. These areas have seen a lot of development in recent years with lots of new chain hotels going up
London doesn’t have a “hotel neighbourhood” as such, they are all over town. The RS guidebook seems to recommend more “old school”, “quaint” smaller hotels. You won’t find those along the river where chain hotels dominate.

Your budget is low especially in the run up to Christmas. No where in London is walkable for everywhere and walking can be pretty unpleasant in December anyway. Look for somewhere with decent transport links. Don’t just focus on the tube, the bus network goes everywhere.

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"North edge of Hyde Park" - sounds like Paddington or Bayswater. Hotels there can vary tremendously.

London is often accused of not making much of the river, turning its back on it almost; this is probably true of much of the northern side in the centre, but as Emma has mentioned, the southern side with its development is much more open.

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Something to consider about staying on the south bank when flying in from Heathrow is that you have quite the long journey to get to your hotel. Whereas if you stay at the Hyde Park location you can take the Heathrow express basically straight to your hotel.

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You will only be making the journey to and from the airport once each way. It therefore doesn't necessarily make much sense to choose a hotel location based on just two journeys when you will be spending the rest of your trip visiting sights away from the Paddington/Hyde Park area.
If you did choose to stay along the south bank it is easily reached from Heathrow via the Piccadilly and Jubilee lines. Certainly not as fast and easy as going into Paddington from Heathrow but alot more convenient for getting around the rest of town during your trip.

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US$130 is approx £101 today, sometimes can dip into the £90s so a low hotel budget for central London at short notice.

Your title asks about staying by the River but then you mention north side of Hyde Park, to me that location is too remote from the River, and not particularly central for easy walking, it would be fine to walk through parks in the warm, balmy summer evenings, with light still in the sky until after 10pm, not in the dampness, chill and early darkness of Nov/December.

I wouldn't use Winter Wonderland as a reason for location either, i once went with my nephew and wouldn't give it tuppence, couldn't leave quick enough.

Fwiw, the more iconic views of London are seen from the Southbank side especially impressive at night and for me Sea Containers hotel near Blackfriars Bridge, would be a riverside location and backdrop, but their room rate is about X2.5 your budget.

I agree with a previous post post, the Jubilee line via Green Park or Westminster station gives fast and frequent access to locations South of the River,

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I appreciate everyone's responses! It's really helping me get a better idea of what I have in store for the trip. It's really a last-minute opportunity to go, when my husband has to go for business anyway, so that's why I'm clueless and have such a small budget! Thanks again for the recommendations!