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London City Airport to LHR T5

Sorry if this has been asked recently...

I have too much luggage to use the Tube

Hence, does anyone know of an affordable shuttle or taxi service from London City Airport to T5...?

Many thanks in advance


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thx for all the replies...

I found this that is very similar to Uber but using all electric vehicles. It was only ~ 45 GBP from London City to T5.

for effortless business-class travel with zero emissions



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That is a very low price. I notice that in your posts you tend to abbreviate. Is that quote from London City Airport or from the City of London?

I looked at their website. They talk an awful lot about their fancy cars and the heated rear seats. They don't say a lot about how big the boot is - my memory from seeing Leafs on the road is they are not huge, and you mention a couple of times how much luggage you have.

They also don't mention anything about where they are licensed or the qualifications of the drivers.

There are a lot of minicab companies around London. I've never heard of this lot.