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Lodging in our near London

Heading to London for a week at the end of the summer. Looking for a nice place in a quiet area with a suite. Willing to stay outside the city if close to a tube stop.

Open to all suggestions. Thanks.

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Metro London is like any other (very) old and large city in the world. It's congested and it's alive 24 hours a day. Accommodations tend to be small and comparatively expensive. Prices may get lower as you move outward from the center but commuting times get longer and costs get higher. I would rather spend more for close-in lodging than spend more time using transportation.

Your question casts way too wide of a net. I suggest you define what your needs and budget are before looking for your place. You might also want to consider a holiday apartment since you'll be there a week.

I personally like the Earl's Court area for its walkability and transportation options.

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Try Nell Gwynn House in Chelsea. They offer one bedroom flats for reasonable (for London) prices. They usually include a washer/dryer combo machine too. It is close to S Ken and Sloane Square tube stations. There is a 24 hr Sainsbury's right across the street. This is my go to place to stay in London.

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I just did an extensive search for our trip later this year. I had used London Connection twice before but was hoping to cut the overhead a little so searched a little farther out and a couple of other sites. In one case, using Sabbatical Homes, I found the lessors to be largely unresponsive as I expect they were hoping for more than a two-week stay, and in the case of another rental site, found the hidden fees added up to much it was not worth the price difference to be 20 minutes from the center instead of right in the midst. So I went back to London Connection and rented a place we've been before. Their service is excellent.

My advice: get an apartment in a very convenient location from London Connection and save a few pounds by cooking in a few times.

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I was offered a studio in a dorm building 2 blocks from King's Cross and the British Library, called Garden Halls, for grad school, and found they also rent rooms to travelers. I found them on

Garden Halls