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Lodging Convenient To Heathrow

During our RS travel meeting today we discussed backup plans if one was to test positive for Covid prior to going home from a trip. We are supposed to fly home from Heathrow on October 29, and I think I’m going to book a self catering place for 2 people for an additional week, just in case. We will have been in London for 9 nights and I’m looking for suggestions for a less expense area with easy access to Heathrow that we can cancel up to the day before. Any suggestions are very welcome. Thanks in advance.

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There is a Staybridge Suites hotel near Heathrow. The advantage of this hotel is that every room has a kitchen and there is also free self-service laundry facilities. Free breakfast as well. You can get food delivered including groceries.

The benefit of this over an airbnb is that there is a front desk/reception available 24 hours/day.

You are aware that the UK has not quarantine/self isolation rules if testing positive. You are requested to self isolate but no one will enforce it.

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I think the issue with reserving a place ahead of time with the likelihood of cancelling at the last minute, is that the business suffers as they probably end up with empty rooms during the period you reserved, which they held in good faith for you. It hurts them financially. It might be better for all to just know which ones have rooms by checking from a list you previously made, but checking vacancies just prior to your test so you know who to contact in the less likely event that you test positive. IMO

Also, as you just don't have to lock yourself up in England, you might prefer somewhere with lovely parks to walk around in during your 10 days; ie, like Richmond on the Thames or such. Or, move you can.

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There’s also the issue of the impact on travelers who actually need to stay there. They could face limited availability and higher rates. If the cancellations become problematic i can see the hotels instituting a 48 or 72 hour cancellation policy. To the detriment of all travelers.

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Ethics aside, London has so many places to stay that I feel having a 'backup plan' like this is probably overkill. We've traveled before back when our home country required a pre-departure test, and to be honest didn't worry about what we'd do if we tested positive - there such a selection of accomodation that if we'd needed to isolate, we'd have found somewhere pretty quickly.

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Thank you all for your thoughts. I hear what you’re saying. One drawback to waiting to find a place will be that the more modestly priced places might not be available. I’m not concerned with being at Heathrow, just somewhere easy to reach it. This is a 10 week trip for us if we fly home as scheduled. I understand that no quarantine is required if one tests positive, thought that can change, but I wouldn’t feel right mingling with the general population while I’m able to infect someone. Same holds for flying when positive for Covid, which I’m sure many will do with no testing requirements. I’m pretty sure most of those positive folks won’t be wearing masks either. I just want to do the right thing, whatever that may be.

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Google LHR hotels and find one with “cancel one day ahead” offered..

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Look at the premier inns near Heathrow. Usually a very good price with a generous cancellation policy.