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While this should be more properly listed under the books and movies thread , I felt that it would garner more notice here , appropriately so , The film has just been re-released by Criterion Collection and is a must for any lover of fine art , and/or London . What follows is a link to a one-half hour documentary about " Limelight " ( 1952 ) and its brilliant creator , Charles Chaplin -

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Thanks, Steven. I watched it during my workout. I realized how little I knew about him. I think my husband will enjoy seeing it too---especially the Claire Bloom scenes!

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Lola , I'm glad you watched the documentary , thanks for the feedback . The film itself is stunning , I have a copy that I recorded some years ago when it was played on a local TV station . This afternoon's Amazon delivery brought me a copy of the just released Criterion edition , and at the end of today's project's , it will be on the screen . Better grab a couple of boxes of Kleenex before I put it on !